The Body Shop // Body Sorbet

The Body Shop is one of my all time favourite places to shop for bath & body products and I love it, as I am sure you know from reading my blog. I was beyond excited when I heard they were introducing body sorbet because it sounded really fruity, different and as it was The Body Shop my expectations were set quite high. I got the Mango Body Sorbet for my birthday off one of my friends and I was super excited to give it a go.

I have to say I don't really love body sorbets. Maybe its because I set my expectations so high for them but I was disappointed by this product. For a start, they did have that many scents available compared to the shower gel scents, I was hoping they would have a raspberry body sorbet as that is my favourite but sadly they didn't. Don't get me wrong, I love mango it is one of my favourites but I was hoping for raspberry. The actually body sorbet itself made my skin feel so sticky afterwards, you use these like a body lotion not in the shower (which is what I originally thought) and it was more of gel than a lotion which is what its meant to be (I think) and I didn't love that idea.

I've heard that the intention of this is to cool you down and moisturize you when you feel very hot which I think for a minute it would do that very well but it just leaves you feeling so horrible afterwards. It definitely cooled me down but honestly after a shower I didn't really want to be cooled down that much but it was nice as I used it in the hot weather. I might be looking at this product in the complete wrong way because it does cool you down and moisturize you while smelling amazing but the gel texture isn't my cup of tea and my skin really didn't like it.

Have you guys used this? What do you think?

Bourjois // Colour Boost Lip Crayon

I spend a small fortune on lip products because to me you can never have too many lip products, I guess everyone has that one thing they can't stop buying and mine is definitely lip products. However, I have never tried a lip crayon until I bought this from Bourjois. I featured this in my last monthly favourites and although it is almost the end of September this is still up there with my favourites. I have never been disappointed by Bourjois products they always work like dream for me and this was no exception.

As the concept of lip crayons was new to me I didn't know if I would really like them as you know them lip liners that look like felt tips? I hate them, so I didn't think lip crayons would be any better. I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely this was. It's so easy to apply, lasts for hours, has SPF 15 and its waterproof! I mean seriously could it get any better? I have been using this like crazy and you don't need to use loads of it so it will last a long time.

I only own one but I'm hoping that changes soon, I own #5 Red Island which is a gorgeous shade of red and I don't own alot of red in my lip collection as I am really not brave enough to wear dark red lips so this is perfect because its not too deep but at the same time it catches your eye. I am in love with lip crayons now and I will be picking up another shade from this collection (buy here).

What are your favourite lip crayons?

The Body Shop // Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel & Body Lotion

Now as you may know The Body Shop now have a range of argan oil products which was a match made in heaven for me. The whole range looks fabulous (here) and there is still so many products I need to try but as I mentioned in my haul from The Body Shop I picked up the body lotion & shower gel from the range as they are the products I use the most. I did a post on the blueberry body lotion & shower gel a while back so this is very similar!

When I heard about the wild argan oil range I knew straight away I needed the shower gel because I am an addict to the shower gel's from The Body Shop, owning every single one at least once (guilty). I was super impressed with this shower gel, it had a thinner consistency than the other shower gels as it is oil based but that didn't bother me in any way. The smell is amazing and argan oil does wonders for your skin just as it does for your hair so argan oil shower gel is perfection. I have been using this way more than any other shower gel right now and I will be making a re-purchase soon!

I never set out to buy the body lotion from the range, originally I was set on buying the body butter but honestly I prefer body lotion to body butter (sorry). I am running low on body butter but I figured I would rather have more body lotions than body butters but you don't care about my reasoning for buying this, I get it. Moving on, this body lotion is gorgeous. I love bottles these body lotions come in, pumps are ideal and argan oil smells amazing so its a win-win situation. Also, it is not at all oily as many would think, me included, I was very surprised with how thick this body lotion was and how it left my skin smooth not oily or greasy. Definitely my new favourite body lotion.

Have you guys used any of the wild argan oil products? On my wishlist is the rough scrub & solid oil for lips!

Favourite Street Style Looks // LFW

As London Fashion Week has finished I am rounding up my favourite street style looks from the week just like I did for NYFW (here) and the street style, in my opinion, was better at LFW than NYFW. Also I am so proud of how well Kendall Jenner is doing this season at fashion week, she is slaying MFW and I couldn't be happier. Anyway, on with the post!

These are my top picks from LFW street style (credit to E! Online for the images). What were your favourite looks from the week?

Number 4 // Lumiere d'hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect

Leave-in conditioners are a must for my hair so I am always on the look out to try a new one. I got the Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect from my Birchbox last month and I spoke out it briefly in my Birchbox post but at the time I hadn't really used it so I am here with a full post on it, after using it several times.

Although I have had this product for almost a month now, it feels like I just bought it because I have only started using it in these past 2 weeks as I forgot I had it (oops). I am always changing my hair routine to be honest so although I normally use an Aussie leave-in conditioner, it wasn't a massive deal switching to this leave-in conditioner for a while. Now, I use Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance and have done for about 6 months now for leave-in conditioner as its wonderful and I have used so many leave-in conditioners in the past so I have many products to compare this to. I have to say, I am loving this leave-in conditioner. I didn't want to like it because it is quite expensive for a leave-in conditioner so when this runs out, my bank balance will take a hit but I would say it is worth it.

Why is this so fabulous? Well, it truly does untangle my hair which is a major issue I face especially when I have just gotten out the shower, it has built in colour protection which is a massive bonus and strengthens hair which is never a bad thing. Over the past few months, my hair has improved alot as I have been taking care of it more and this product fits in perfectly. It is amazing and I love it, you will love it, buy it. Now. One thing I don't love about it is the smell, but after using Aussie for so long you can see where I am coming from!

Have you used this? What is your favourite leave-in conditioner?

Favourite Street Style Looks // NYFW

Hello everyone! As New York Fashion Week has officially come to an end and London Fashion Week has begun, I thought it would be nice to make a post of all my favourite street style looks from NYFW as the street style was insanely perfect. I read a post on Beataba about NYFW street style and it definitely made me want to write a post on it aswell, so I hope you enjoy!

These were some of my favourite looks from the streets of New York at fashion week! (All images from Refinery29, Teen Vogue & Beataba's blog). What looks were your favourite?

Forever Favourite // L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

It feels like I haven't wrote a blog post in so long! I have been missing blogging lately and I noticed I've lost a few followers as I am not as frequent as I used to be so I am so sorry about that but I have other things going on right now. Anyway, today's post is a product that is one of my favourites, the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray.

This hairspray is quite iconic, well as far as hairsprays go this is pretty famous. For over 50 years Elnett Satin has been used and it is still very impressive. This was one of the first hairsprays I ever remember using and I used others after it but I kept going back to it because it is one of the best. This comes in alot of different varieties, for example some are so coloured hair, some are for dry hair etc. I personally just use the normal strength one as that works for me. I have used the extra strength one but most of the time my hair doesn't need it. I need to get my hands on the ones for coloured hair as that will benefit my hair massively.

There are many reasons why this hairspray is so widely used, obviously the many different varieties so everyone can use it but for me what I really love about it is how it makes your hair feel. Some hairsprays can make your hair feel 'hard' if you know what I mean, this doesn't and it leaves your hair feeling just as soft as it was before you added any hairspray which is fabulous. I am not a massive fan of the scent because it is quite strong and you can smell it throughout the day but it isn't a massive deal as it keeps your hair in place all day!

What do you guys think about this hairspray?

Wishlist // ASOS

The Body Shop // Tea Tree Face Mask

I am a huge lover of the tea tree range from the Body Shop, the cleanser is my holy grail cleanser so it is no surprise I love the face mask. I wasn't actually going to do a post but I needed to share with the world how much I was loving this. Side note: the pictures were not that great for this post so I have opted to just use the one photo which looks weird to me as I am used to using at least 2 photos but hey, we'll make it work.

I have been using this face mask for many years, on and off. This was recommended to me by a friend back when I was about 13 and I had never really used face masks, I had only used single ones that come in a sachet and even then I hadn't used a great deal so I first used this 3 years ago. I really loved it but when it ran out I never bought another one because I didn't think my skin needed it then when I started to get bad breakouts I started using it again, I switched to just using single sachet face masks from Superdrug which were 89p each and were also tea tree but I wasn't a fan of them being in sachets.

Eventually, I just gave up and just stopped with the whole face mask thing because I found it alot of hassle and I didn't think my skin was benefiting that much from it. Last month, I was determined to get into a good, clean skin care routine because mine was all over the place. I watched tons of youtube videos on skincare routines and read blogposts and used them as inspiration and as most of them included a face mask at least once a week I thought I would buy this as I had £5 off at The Body Shop and I have been using it once or twice a week and my skin is very thankful for it. This is most definitely worth the money and will last you so long, you don't have to apply that much and you just leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off which leads to breakouts being less frequent.

I have noticed a difference from using this, it may not just be this product alone but if you stick to a good skincare routine this will fit in perfectly (obviously depending on your skintype). Afterwards, your skin will feel very refreshed and clean. Have you guys used this?

Recent Nail Buys // Bourjois & Essie

I've done more shopping, its getting out of hand but I bought some nail polishes and you can never have too many nail polishes, right? 2 from Bourjois and 2 from Essie. Being someone who pretty much always has their nails painted it is surprising I have never used any nail polishes from Essie or Bourjois so I was super excited to try these.

I got a duo set on eBay from Essie (here). They are smaller than the normal Essie nail polishes but as this was first time trying Essie I wasn't massively bothered. I have used both of these, the first one is 'Super Bossa Nova' which is a very bright pink. Honestly, I own so many pinks I don't need anymore but never the less this is gorgeous, it is very glossy and I loved it on my nails. Out of this duo it was definitely my favourite the orange one 'Braziliant' is also gorgeous but pink will always be my favourite colour. The orange one had a very noticeable shimmer in comparison to the pink one which I liked but may not be everyones cup of tea. I did love this colour though, very summery and bright, if subtle is the type of nails you like I wouldn't recommend this. Overall, I am very impressed with Essie which I knew I would be as its such a big nail brand.

I picked up 2 Bourjois nail polishes along with the magic nail polish remover as Superdrug were offering 3 for 2 and I definitely don't regret buying them. I can't find the names of these shades on the bottle, here is a link to the whole collection. These are the 1 second nail enamels which have a silicone gel texture and being a fan of gel nails I needed to try these. The brush applicator is very thick, the bottle says its a fan effect brush which helps for neat nails. I found this alot easier to apply than most nail polishes. For example, the Essie applicator was very thin which made it very easy for you to mess up the nails which is the case for most nail polishes but Bourjois is probably the best applicator wise in my experience. I loved this nail polish, it is £5.99 which I would say is above the average price for nail polish but its worth it and the bottles are different to most (as you can see) with unnecessarily big tops but I love it. Definitely one of my new favourite nail polish brands but Barry M will always be my favourite.

What nail polish brands do you guys suggest? Do you like Essie and Bourjois?

Monthly Favourites // August

August has been the best month for me blogging wise, I have done so many posts and gained a few followers and I am enjoying blogging more than ever at the moment. Sadly this month I start college and hopefully get a job so summer is officially coming to end, this means my posts will most likely be less frequent but I hope to blog just as much as last month and I already have a few posts written that I can post in the coming week. But for now this is my August favourites!

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Spray / LINK
I mentioned this is my Soap and Glory haul but I just had to add this to my monthly favourites because I have been using this like crazy, I would say this was my most used spray throughout August and I have been opting for this over my usual perfume. For a body spray, the scent is so long lasting, the bottle is gorgeous and it is reasonably cheap for what it is.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 'Red Island' / LINK
This was an impulse buy as lip crayons are something I have never really used so I saw this in Superdrug and I thought I would give it a go as I don't own alot of red in my lip collection, I have been using this alot. The colour is gorgeous and it is super long lasting, personally I would choose a lip gloss over a lip crayon but I do see the appeal in lip crayons.

No.7 Nail Polish in 'So Simple' / LINK
I have bought quite a few nail polishes this month but this is by far my favourite because the colour is exactly what I have been looking for and Boots gave me a £3 voucher for cosmetics so this nail polish only costed me £3 as it was originally £6 which is such a steal and it is a beautiful colour, plus it is very long lasting.

Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in 'Cashmere' / LINK
I got this highlighter in my August Glossybox and before that I had never worn highlighter. I don't know how I ever lived without it, it has become an essential in my everyday make-up and this one in particular is so easy to apply and really shows. I got a highlighter in my Birchbox aswell in pencil form but I don't like that one as much, I apply the pencil in the corner of my eye which covers my tiredness up but pencil application isn't my favourite.

TV Show: Fresh Meat
As far as I know this show finished last December and I don't think there will be a new season (I hope there is but its unlikely) but I have been watching Fresh Meat almost everyday, its amazing! All the characters are perfect and everything just fits together perfectly. Watch it here in 4oD.

What have been your August favourites?

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