The Body Shop Haul // Birthday Edition

It was recently my birthday and as I am a known lover of The Body Shop I recieved alot of products from there, plus with my birthday money I also did some shopping myself so I thought I would round them all up and share them with you guys.

First off, I bought the Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel and Body Lotion. I was so happy when I found out that The Body Shop was introducing an argan oil range because I love argan oil its a miracle worker and I was so excited to try argan oil out on my body as opposed to my hair. I have used both of these several times both together and apart. I love them! I thought they may be a tad too oily for me as I have quite oily skin as it is but it doesn't make you oily at all it just gives you lovely looking skin which also feels and smells great.

I received a gift box off my friend Matthew which contained all the popular strawberry products from The Body Shop: shower gel, body polish, body butter & soap (all here). I have always been a huge fan of the strawberry range it was one of the first things I tried from The Body Shop in my earlier teens. I will definitely get good use out of all these products as they are all essentials in a day to day life.

I bought myself The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter, I absolutely adore the lip butter's I own 2 already so this is just adding to the collection. They are so hydrating and smell heavenly. I received the Mango Body Sorbet  which I specifically asked for as I was dying to try the body sorbets. I was really excited to try it and when I did I was very disappointed, it just wasn't what I expected. It felt horrible on my skin and it really wasn't that hydrating. I will give it another go sometime soon as it may have just been bad that one time and I was in abit of a rush.

I received the Mandarin & Tangelo Room, Body and Linen Spray and the Vineyard Peach Body Spray (can't find link) from my friends and also treated myself to the Green Tea & Lemon Room, Body and Linen Spray with some of my birthday money. I am a huge fan of the room, body & linen sprays and I had never used either of these before, I don't think these two are the nicest of the range but they are not horrible. I prefer the green tea & lemon one out of the two of them as lemon is one of my favourite scents but the mandarin & tangelo one is still really nice. The vineyard peach body spray is one of my favourites from The Body Shop along with the whole range of vineyard peach so naturally I was very happy when I opened this!

Along with all my other goodies from The Body Shop, I already owned, my collection is getting very big and its safe to say I won't have to buy anything from there for a while now. What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?


  1. Strawberry body butter is my absolute fave thing from The Body Shop, lovely post x
    I would love to stay in touch with you, so if you want to follow each other on google (GFC) and bloglovin, please let me know! x ❃


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