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Its no surprise I love nail polish and I love gel nails, they are so natural looking and last a hell of a long time. I saw that Boots were selling gel nail polishes and I was so happy! I picked up 3 of them, I mentioned the 'pink flamingo' one in a monthly favourites I think as that was the first one I bought last month. I just got 2 more for the summer, one is called 'pretty bang bang' (purple one) and the second is called 'azure amore' (blue one).

At a total bargain of only £3.99 each, its hard to say no. I used the buy one get one half price on Seventeen products to get the purple and blue one and I love them! As you can tell from the picture above they all promise to last up to 8 days which isn't entirely true, as you would expect. In my experience I have found that they last about 5 or 6 days which is still a long time if you ask me.

As for them being 'gel' I don't think they look like gel, when you compare them to real gel nails they don't really compare. To me they just look like normal nail polishes but some people do think it looks like gel. I think I set my standards too high when it came to looking like gel.

Overall, I would say they are just very long lasting nail polishes with abit of shine. They are totally worth the money and last longer than the normal nail polishes by Seventeen but they just didn't live up to my expectations when it came to gel. Buy here.

Have you guys tried these or any other gel nail polishes?

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  1. The colours are really beautiful. I don't see too many pastel colours around.


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