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It is such a debate on the internet whether or not breakouts are linked to your diet. I have read many forums of people saying diet doesn't matter and others saying it is a big factor when it comes to breakouts, it obviously varies for people but for me if my diet is bad, my skin is bad. Lately I have been eating terribly and as it was just my birthday, alot of cake was consumed and my skin has been breaking out like crazy. This product has been saving my skin, I mentioned LUSH Grease Lightning in my skin care post but not in massive detail and I hadn't used it alot when wrote that post so consider this post a follow-up to that post.

It says you should use this on spots before they show themselves and you do know when a spot is developing and this is such an amazing product for them. If you feel a spot is developing just dab some of this on it and that spot will not continue developing! I use this morning and night after I have moisturised just in areas I think need it, its not a product you use all over your face (as you can probably tell by the size). A little goes a long way and most of the time you will only be applying it to a small area so its a win win situation.

Although it does say use it on spots that haven't yet shown themselves fully, it still works for breakouts that are very visible. I had a massive spot on my chin, you know one of them MASSIVE ones that is twice as big as normal-sized spots? It was driving me insane but I applied this to it morning and night and it was virtually gone within 2 days which is impressive because if I had left it to go away naturally it would have taken twice as long or even longer.

This is such a need in your skincare routine, just buy it and you will see what I mean. Have you ever used this before?

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