Bourjois // Magic Nail Polish Remover

Surprisingly I have never really used any Bourjois products, I have used the 3D effect lip gloss but thats about it. Superdrug had an offer of 3 for 2 on all Bourjois products so I was like why not? I got 2 nail polishes and the 'magic' nail polish remover, making the nail polish remover the free item. You also got a free pair of sunglasses with each purchase which was fabulous.

I have heard alot about this nail polish remover without even trying because it is incredibly hyped in the beauty community as you may know. I definitely had high expectations for this product. I wasn't totally disappointed by it because it does remove your nail polish quickly and is a more practical way to remove nail polish in my opinion. However, it has a red fruit and vanilla fragrance which I thought would be lovely but its so strong. Obviously, nail polish remover has an incredibly strong scent as it is but it is 10x worse with this fragrance. This isn't a massive issue though as I have pretty much grown to like the smell of nail polish remover but seriously there is no sign of red fruit and vanilla.

As for this being 'magic' thats obviously not true. It is an instant removal though which I love because I hate using cotton wool to remove nail polish so this is a godsend for me. I would say it takes around 3 seconds per nail, which is incredibly fast for a nail polish remover. I am so happy with this product, the smell is very off putting but its no reason never to use it again, it is nail polish remover, after all. I will definitely be using this for a long time, using cotton wool is just a distant memory now.

Have you guys tried this product?

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