Balance Me // Wonder Eye Cream

As mentioned in my skin care saviours post I got the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream in sample form from Birchbox and I loved it!I got the full size one a few days ago from eBay because I have no idea where they sell it and I have been using this eye cream every day and night. Side note: are you supposed to use eye creams at night? I'm not 100% sure but using it at night can't be that bad, right?

I am big on scent, I will use a product purely because it smells good and this smells amazing which I found quite surprising because it contains lemon, cucumber oil and witch hazel which arent the best smelling things ever but along with the blend of other things like rosehip and carrot oils (to name a few) the final smell is lovely.

There is definitely a difference in my under eyes, they are not as dark as they used to be and they are softer. Don't expect the results overnight, it takes time but not a lot of time, I noticed a difference within a week. I haven't even been using this eye cream for a month yet but I just know I will be using it for a long time. For the record this is only the third eye cream I have ever used so I don't have a great deal to compare it to but it does everything I want out of an eye cream, it brightens, softens and makes my under eyes overall healthier plus it smells amazing so I have no reason to use another eye cream.

What is your favourite eye cream?


  1. Personally, I do not really use an eye cream, just use my normal day creme under my eyes :)


    1. I used to just use normal day creme but I honestly couldn't live without eye cream now. :)


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