6 Products I Couldn't Live Without

There are some products we all that we just couldn't imagine living without because they have become an essential. I am no different so I am sharing 6 of the things I cannot live without, enjoy. :)

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo. This is such an essential for me, dry shampoo is something I use alot. Not everyday but maybe about 4 times a week when my hair needs a little pick me up or its getting abit greasy. I am a big fan of the cherry one and the one with a hint of blonde especially in the summer. I have pretty much owned every scent they sell and when I am running low I make it a priority to get one because I cannot go without.

2. Body Mist. In the pictures I have used the vineyard peach body mist from The Body Shop but I just mean body mist itself because it is just something we all need in our lives. I always have one in my bag because its just the right amount of scent, perfume can be too strong when you are just out and about. I usually use perfume before I leave the house then top up with body mist throughout the day if needed or sometimes the only thing I wear is body mist because I love fruity scents and every brand of body mist focuses on fruity scents.

3. Hair Masques.I cannot remember what I did before I used hair masques, my hair thanks me for using them. I love the L'Oreal hair masques and I haven't used many other hair masques, comment below some of your favourite hair masques. Hair masques have become and essential for me, I use them one a week and it detangles and strengthens my hair which is perfect at the end of the week!

4. Body Butter. I adore body butter, I love the nourishment it gives your skin and I only use body butters from The Body Shop, not sure where else does them but I own about 3 body butters and I love them. I think they are quite overpriced but I got 2 in the sale and they are really good if you have sun burn/dry skin. For everyday use they may be abit much (for me anyway) but about 3 times a week it is perfect.

5. Lip Balm. As a beauty blogger you would think I loved lipgloss but I much prefer lip balm. I love just wearing lipbalm and nothing else on my lips, lipbalm is so good for your lips aswell. I always have a lip balm on me as I own about 20. I especially love EOS and Carmex.

6. Hand Gel. This is an essential, seriously always have some with you. I always have a small bottle of hand gel on me and its so helpful, not only to me but it has happened alot where somebody says 'has anybody got any hand gel?' I am always the one who has it. Although it may not seem like you need it, I just feel weird going out without it.

What 6 products could you not live without? Hope you all enjoyed this post! I now have a 'you might also like' widget so you can read all of my older posts.

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