Maybelline // Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Another day, another beauty post. I have never been the biggest fan of primers, for me they don't do anything special and make my skin feel too smooth which I do not like. I thought I would give the Maybelline Baby Skin a go because it was on offer in Boots and I had tried a free sample of it from a magazine and I found it a lot nicer than Benefit Porefessionial, being the only other primer I had ever used.

Personally, I hate the Benefit Porefessional because it clogged my pores alot which is the last thing my skin needs and this does not clog my pores which is a must for me when it comes to face products. I love the packaging for this, its so cute just like the packaging for Baby Lips. As you probably know the main aim of this is to vanish pores, which it does very well. It leaves your skin very smooth and a good surface for make-up. I do think this is a brilliant primer for under make-up, its very affordable and lasts a long time.

Although this does leave your skin looking poreless and shine-free, it is very greasy and I apply it with my fingers as I think most people do so it leaves my fingers very greasy so do wash your hands after using this and before applying your make-up (if you are applying make-up after it because it can be used over make-up). I haven't noticed any extra grease on my face after using this which is a relief as my skin is oily so I would highly recommend this! Very affordable and does the job, leaving virtually nothing to complain about.

Have you guys used this? What did you think?

Macadamia // Deep Repair Masque

Hair masques are a definite essential in my hair care routine, my hair has been extremely damaged in the past and I truly believe hair masques have played a big part in repairing my hair. I am a big lover of the L'Oreal hair masques and they are the only hair masques I have used but I picked up this Macadamia Deep Repair Masque as it had great reviews. I was very hesitant to buy it because it is fairly expensive for a hair masque as I usually get ones for £5. I got this for £14.99 which is lower than the retail price and it is definitely worth the money.

I purchased the 250ml one which is fairly big and I definitely had high expectations for this. You are advised to use it twice a week for best results and leave in your hair for up to 7 minutes. I tend to wash my hair about 3 or 4 times a week so half the time I use this masque, I leave it in for about 5 minutes as I get inpatient but I don't think it makes a massive difference as 5 minutes is quite a long time anyway.

After using this mask about 4 times I have to say it really does make a difference. After one wash I noticed a difference, it adds shine to your hair but what I noticed the most was the bounce and volume it gave my hair, I was so happy! This is by far the best hair masque I have used, I still love the L'Oreal ones as they are more affordable and do add shine but this is a clear winner. Although it is quite expensive, it will last you a long time and it is worth the money. I feel bad for depriving my hair of this goodness for so long!

Have you ever used this product or any other Macadamia products?

Style Crush // Emmys

Hello again! Another fashion post, yay. I couldn't not do a post on the Emmys because the fashion was on point and I love doing posts on fashion at award shows. Also, I was thinking of doing posts of my own outfits because I love looking at people's OOTD's so if you want me to leave a comment below. :)

First is Kerry Washington which I didn't think I would like. If someone described this outfit to me I would not be loving it but she looks fabulous in this Prada dress. It 100% suits here and orange and black work perfectly with each other!

Donna Karan
This is such a sophisticated look sported by Lizzy Caplan. Generally she is not a person I would look up to fashion-wise but she is absolutely killing it here. Definitely one of my favourite looks of the nights, the colour is to die for and suits her so well.

Christian Siriano
Sarah Hyland is one of my favourite fashionistas out there, I adore her and at award shows she always brings it. I love this look, she looks stunning, the skirt works really well. I like how it isn't too much, its not too big and that shade of red is perfect in contrast to the crop top and luckily she doesn't blend into the red carpet. Also can we just talk about how stunning her hair and make-up are please?

Zac Posen
This look was my favourite from the whole night, this Zac Posen dress worn by Heidi Klum was a match made in heaven. I love all the frills and the waviness of this dress and that colour is so so beautiful, I seriously love this dress and I'm glad Heidi Klum wore this because she really did it justice.

Roberto Cavalli
Lastly, Sofia Vergara, who always looks sexy, lets be honest and it was no exception at the Emmy's this year. I love this Roberto Cavalli dress, the design is gorgeous, I love white and silver together and it goes perfectly with all the Lorraine Schwartz diamonds she is wearing. Am I jealous or am I jealous?

That is it for my Emmy's post! Until next year of course. What was your favourite look from the night?

Rimmel // Brow This Way

Eyebrows. I find eyebrows the hardest things to handle when it comes to make-up and I honestly never usually bother with them, I brush them abit and fill them in with pencil but that's about it. I find my eyebrows get messed up easily and I have been lusting after the Benefit 'gimmebrow' for a while but never been willing to spend that much on something purely for eyebrows. I saw that Rimmel introduced 'Brow This Way' Styling Gel which looks like a total dupe for the gimmebrow so I had to try it.

Like I previously said, I never actually bought gimmebrow so I am not comparing them in any way as I have not tried it. I was looking at the shades for this product and honestly the range of shades is really limited. I opted for the clear gel as opposed to a colour because I was really unsure what to get. I usually brush my eyebrows out then fill them in with pencil and wait a minute then brush this through my brows. It has made a world of difference for my brows, they stay put for so long! I picked this up for £2.99 (it had £1 off) so it was such an unbelievable price for it which is always the case for Rimmel products.

This makes your eyebrows feel so refreshed, if eyebrows can actually be refreshed and they really add abit of highlight to the brow area which is a total bonus. It's such an easy application, I'm not sure how long this will last me as I will probably end up using it on a day to day basis but it is a complete steal at £3.99. I reckon it will probably need replacing every month or so as it will probably gather bacteria but I have no idea this is the first brow gel I have ever used so if you have any tips/advice leave me a comment!

Have you guys tried this product, what did you think?

Style Crush // VMA's

The VMA's were absolutely incredible this year! All my favourite people performed and the fashion was amazing (as always). I noticed black was a very popular colour this year which I hate, I wish people would wear more colour especially considering they are in LA. Anyway, I have rounded up some of my favourite looks from the VMA's this year which is fun to do as I feel my blog has been very beauty based lately so a fashion post is definitely due!

First up is Kim Kardashian. Sorry, Kim Kardashian WEST. Kim looked stunning here and I was really happy when I saw this outfit because she seems to be wearing alot of black lately, street style-wise anyway. At first I thought this outfit wasn't the best but the more I look at it, the more I like it. This definitely suits Kim and shows off her cleavage which is always a winner.

I never thought Nicki Minaj would be one of the best dressed at an award show because in my opinion her outfits tend to be a little bit too over the top but in the past year or so she has started to dress fabulous. She looks amazing here, I love the dress on her, it works for her body type and I am in love with the pattern, giraffe pattern? I have no idea what designer this dress is but I am in love with it.

Mary Katrantzous

One of the many things I love about Taylor Swift is how she always wears colours and like Lorde said at the VMA's 'She [Taylor] doesn't wear as much black as her' which is 100% true. Can I call this a onesie? It definitely has an official name that is not onesie but to me, this is definitely a onesie and I love it. I read one some website that she was one of the worst-dressed but in my eyes she was one of the best-dressed, it definitely suited her as blue is her colour. Also, how amazing are her legs, please?

I love this outfit Kendall was wearing but if I am honest I didn't think this was one of her best looks because at previous events like the Billboard Awards or the TCAs her outfits were so much better! However, this look was still wonderful. I like that she didn't opt for a dress which is something Kendall does alot (I don't why her legs are amazing). This outfit is very sophisticated and shows how much Kendall has matured over the years, still a major fashion inspiration though.

Charbel Zoe

So happy to see Jennifer Lopez at the VMA's! She never disappoints when it comes to fashion and she completely rocked it at the TCA's a few weeks ago and she continued to deliver here in Charbel Zoe. If this dress was going to look good one anyone, its JLo, let's be honest. This is such a dazzling choice and it shows off her perfect figure. I would probably say she was the best dressed of the whole night!

I don't necessarily love this look from Ariana Grande, I loved her outfits from her performances but this look wasn't on the same level. I just wanted to include her because its crazy how much her fashion has changed, I featured her in my Grammys post  and she was in a big flowery dress and now she looks so badass. Don't get me wrong, I adore Ariana Grande and I probably always will, its amazing how much shes changed. Also, her album came out and its flawless, give it a listen!

Those of my favourite picks from the VMA's, I was also loving Lucy Hale, Iggy Azalea and Demi Lovato. Who was your favourite?

Soap & Glory // Haul

I have done an overwhelming amount of shopping in this past month so I apoligise for all the haul posts but I love writing them! Boots had a 3 for 2 on all products from Soap & Glory and I did set out to pick up some make-up by them as I have never used any make-up from Soap & Glory but I ended up coming back with purely bath & body products. I have 6 products and I got them in two different visits as I visit Boots far too often!

The first three products I got where all in mini sizes and were all £2.50 each so overall it was £5 for Hand Maid, Scrub'em and Leave'em & Righteous Butter. I got the hand maid because I really needed a new hand sanitizer to take around me and keep in my handbag. I have never used this particular hand gel but it smells 10x better than normal ones and its pink which makes it better, right? I got the scrub'em and leave'em which was a complete impulse buy as I needed to buy one more thing for the 3 for 2 offer but I really love this more than I expected and I need to buy it in full size some time soon! Lastly I got the righteous butter which is an old favourite of mine so I knew I would like it and that was the first thing I picked up because at the time I didn't have a great deal of money on me to start spending £10 on body lotion.

On my second trip I picked up 3 full size products and it came to just under £15 which is fairly cheap for Soap and Glory. I first picked up the Mist You Madly Spray which I used to use everyday religiously a couple of years ago. This spray is surprisingly quite cheap, well cheaper than I expected and I have been spraying this almost everyday since I got it, the smell is heavenly just like everything else from Soap and Glory.

I got 2 products from the 'Sugar Crush' line and in the past I have used the body lotion and I really liked it, I may have mentioned it in a favourites post a couple of months ago, not sure. Anyway, I picked up the Sugar Crush Body Wash & Body Scrub. I have never owned a big body wash or body scrub from Soap and Glory so I am so happy to finally have my hands on these. I was originally going to buy a body scrub from The Body Shop but this one was so much cheaper and the sugar crush scent is one of my favourites. You need to get your hands on some of the sugar crush products from Soap and Glory such a heavenly scent, seriously.

I haven't shopped for much Soap and Glory products for over a year now so these were all pretty much impulse buys and they all paid off! What Soap and Glory products would you recommend?

Birchbox // August

This month I ordered a Birchbox and a Glossybox because I absolutely love these little beauty boxes you can get. I am so happy with the products I recieved from both of them, my Glossybox post is here and to go along with that I am doing a post on all the products from this months Birchbox, enjoy!

Supergoop! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream - £32
I received two of these samples and I am super excited to give them a go. I have been thinking of buying a CC cream for a while but I never thought it was the best idea as my skin is more suited to BB cream/foundation. I will be using these especially when its sunny as the SPF is 35 which is high for a make-up product.

Vasanti Brightenup! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - £26
I was so happy to see this in my Birchbox! I heard that Birchbox focuses alot more on skincare than make-up which is the opposite to Glossybox and I love trying new cleansers. It says to use this 3-5 times a week and you only need a pea-sized amount so I hope this lasts a while as my skin can get pretty dull.

Chella Highlighter Pencil - £15.95
This months Glossybox also came with a highlighter aswell and before that I didn't even own a highlighter so now I have 2. I have been using my cashmere highlighter for a few days and I have seen a difference. I don't think highlighters make the biggest difference anyway as foundation does give you a nice glow but it does show if you go that extra mile to wear highlighter and I will definitely be getting use out of this as a pencil application is such a good idea!

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect - £20
I have been through many leave-in conditioners and they are definitely a must so I am happy to add this one to the collection. I have read some good things about this and I may do a full post on this after I have used it for a while.

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil - £58
I have never used oil on my face as I have oily skin as it is and I don't want to add anymore even though oils can be beneficial for your skin regardless of your skin type. Anyway, I will definitely give this oil a try and see how it gets on with my skin because it is full of goodness so I can't see it doing any harm to my skin.

Birchbox also added in a chapter sample of 'The Proposal' by Tasmina Perry which I will be reading and a wash bag which is in the first picture! I am very happy with Birchbox this month as I was last month aswell. I think I will only get one beauty box per month as I can't really afford two, I am torn between Birchbox and Glossybox as some months one is better than the other, any suggestions?

Bye! xo

The Body Shop Haul // Birthday Edition

It was recently my birthday and as I am a known lover of The Body Shop I recieved alot of products from there, plus with my birthday money I also did some shopping myself so I thought I would round them all up and share them with you guys.

First off, I bought the Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel and Body Lotion. I was so happy when I found out that The Body Shop was introducing an argan oil range because I love argan oil its a miracle worker and I was so excited to try argan oil out on my body as opposed to my hair. I have used both of these several times both together and apart. I love them! I thought they may be a tad too oily for me as I have quite oily skin as it is but it doesn't make you oily at all it just gives you lovely looking skin which also feels and smells great.

I received a gift box off my friend Matthew which contained all the popular strawberry products from The Body Shop: shower gel, body polish, body butter & soap (all here). I have always been a huge fan of the strawberry range it was one of the first things I tried from The Body Shop in my earlier teens. I will definitely get good use out of all these products as they are all essentials in a day to day life.

I bought myself The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter, I absolutely adore the lip butter's I own 2 already so this is just adding to the collection. They are so hydrating and smell heavenly. I received the Mango Body Sorbet  which I specifically asked for as I was dying to try the body sorbets. I was really excited to try it and when I did I was very disappointed, it just wasn't what I expected. It felt horrible on my skin and it really wasn't that hydrating. I will give it another go sometime soon as it may have just been bad that one time and I was in abit of a rush.

I received the Mandarin & Tangelo Room, Body and Linen Spray and the Vineyard Peach Body Spray (can't find link) from my friends and also treated myself to the Green Tea & Lemon Room, Body and Linen Spray with some of my birthday money. I am a huge fan of the room, body & linen sprays and I had never used either of these before, I don't think these two are the nicest of the range but they are not horrible. I prefer the green tea & lemon one out of the two of them as lemon is one of my favourite scents but the mandarin & tangelo one is still really nice. The vineyard peach body spray is one of my favourites from The Body Shop along with the whole range of vineyard peach so naturally I was very happy when I opened this!

Along with all my other goodies from The Body Shop, I already owned, my collection is getting very big and its safe to say I won't have to buy anything from there for a while now. What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Glossybox // August

I've been back and forth with Glossybox, some months its amazing and other times the products are just terrible. I have received them for about 6 months now and I don't usually do posts on them but this month I felt like I had to blog about it because the products are fabulous!

Kryolan For Glossybox Highlighter 'Cashmere' - £12.95
As crazy as it sounds I have never used highlighter, I feel that foundation naturally highlights my face and I've never been willing to spend much money on something that I probably wouldn't use but as I received a highlighter, I will see it as a sign to try it. I haven't used it yet but I am so excited to try it to see if it makes a noticeable difference!

Essence Longlasting Lipstick - £2.29
I don't own a great deal of lipstick as I am more of a lip gloss kind of girl but this is a lovely shade and a shade I think I could definitely get away with on an everyday basis so I will be getting my fair share of use out of this lipstick.

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream - £6.95
I was most excited about this product because I was looking for a hand cream as the cold weather is approaching so I was really happy when I saw this. It looks just like L'Occitane hand cream and that is one of my favourite picks when it comes to hand cream, I hope this lives up to the standard of L'Occitane. I have never heard of Figs & Rouges but this hand cream looks and smells amazing, I received it in the scent 'Mango Handrin'.

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer - £38
I'm not sure about this product, it sounds like it would do my hair the world of good because it adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine which I think my hair needs abit more of. You apply it to your hair before shampooing and leave it in for 20 minutes. I just don't enjoy leaving things in my hair for this long, I can deal with hair masques because they are usually less than 5 minutes but 20 minutes is a long time. I will probably get round to using it because I definitely think I will benefit from it!

Lalique L'Amour Perfume Sample - £67 (full size)
I am a big fan of perfume samples that come with a spray, they last a lot longer than ones that come with a tiny wipe or just have the scent on paper. I love the scent of this Lalique perfume, it is such a lovely, floral fragrance which I will be keeping in my handbag.

Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish - £3.60
Will my nail polish collection ever stop growing? Evidently not. I own so many nail polishes (not complaining) and I am so happy to have this added to the collection. It is such a cute, girly shade which is very subtle. It was a birthday bonus so I am made up with it considering it was basically free!

I am so happy with the products in this month's Glossybox they are all my style and I will get use out of them. If you want one, order here. I also ordered a Birchbox this month as a treat for myself and I may do a post on that aswell depending on how good the products are. Do you think they are worth the money?

LUSH // Grease Lightning

It is such a debate on the internet whether or not breakouts are linked to your diet. I have read many forums of people saying diet doesn't matter and others saying it is a big factor when it comes to breakouts, it obviously varies for people but for me if my diet is bad, my skin is bad. Lately I have been eating terribly and as it was just my birthday, alot of cake was consumed and my skin has been breaking out like crazy. This product has been saving my skin, I mentioned LUSH Grease Lightning in my skin care post but not in massive detail and I hadn't used it alot when wrote that post so consider this post a follow-up to that post.

It says you should use this on spots before they show themselves and you do know when a spot is developing and this is such an amazing product for them. If you feel a spot is developing just dab some of this on it and that spot will not continue developing! I use this morning and night after I have moisturised just in areas I think need it, its not a product you use all over your face (as you can probably tell by the size). A little goes a long way and most of the time you will only be applying it to a small area so its a win win situation.

Although it does say use it on spots that haven't yet shown themselves fully, it still works for breakouts that are very visible. I had a massive spot on my chin, you know one of them MASSIVE ones that is twice as big as normal-sized spots? It was driving me insane but I applied this to it morning and night and it was virtually gone within 2 days which is impressive because if I had left it to go away naturally it would have taken twice as long or even longer.

This is such a need in your skincare routine, just buy it and you will see what I mean. Have you ever used this before?

Bourjois // Magic Nail Polish Remover

Surprisingly I have never really used any Bourjois products, I have used the 3D effect lip gloss but thats about it. Superdrug had an offer of 3 for 2 on all Bourjois products so I was like why not? I got 2 nail polishes and the 'magic' nail polish remover, making the nail polish remover the free item. You also got a free pair of sunglasses with each purchase which was fabulous.

I have heard alot about this nail polish remover without even trying because it is incredibly hyped in the beauty community as you may know. I definitely had high expectations for this product. I wasn't totally disappointed by it because it does remove your nail polish quickly and is a more practical way to remove nail polish in my opinion. However, it has a red fruit and vanilla fragrance which I thought would be lovely but its so strong. Obviously, nail polish remover has an incredibly strong scent as it is but it is 10x worse with this fragrance. This isn't a massive issue though as I have pretty much grown to like the smell of nail polish remover but seriously there is no sign of red fruit and vanilla.

As for this being 'magic' thats obviously not true. It is an instant removal though which I love because I hate using cotton wool to remove nail polish so this is a godsend for me. I would say it takes around 3 seconds per nail, which is incredibly fast for a nail polish remover. I am so happy with this product, the smell is very off putting but its no reason never to use it again, it is nail polish remover, after all. I will definitely be using this for a long time, using cotton wool is just a distant memory now.

Have you guys tried this product?

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