VO5 Favourites // Cherish My Colour & Smoothly Does It

VO5 has alot of different products with different purposes, they have plump it up, smoothly does it etc. I recently picked up the 'Smoothly Does It' heat protect serum and the 'Cherish My Colour' full bodied spray. I featured the heat protect serum in my recent June favourites but in brief detail. I picked these two up when Superdrug had all VO5 products 2 for £5 I think it was, and as the heat protect serum alone is £4.19, it was a complete bargain.

The smoothly does it serum has become and essential in my hair routine now. Back in 2012 I religiously used serum after washing my hair, this was when I was washing my hair everyday and using far too much serum (I didn't know anything about hair back then). I thought serum was doing more damage to my hair than good which in all fairness it probably was because I was using far too much but I was reading alot of hair routine blogposts and they all included serums so I thought I would pick one up and VO5 has never disappointed me. The serum is amazing! My hair is noticeably smoother, you only need the tiniest bit for your hair and it does the job. I hope this lasts me along time, its such a bargain aswell.

Cherish my colour is actually a range of VO5 products I have never tried. This full boded spray is my first purchase from the range and it is certainly a good place to start. This also has heat protect, like most of the VO5 hair products, it smells amazing. I have a full head of highlights so keeping them looking fresh is vital and this helps along side colour protect shampoo.

I love VO5, after L'Oreal it is probably my favourite hair brand. I also love the plump it up shampoo for when my hair lack volume, what VO5 products do you use?

Bye! Xo

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