Street Style // Alessandra Ambrosio

Not only does Alessandra Ambrosio have an amazing body she also has amazing fashion sense especially when it comes to street style. She has her own fashion line, been part of Victorias Secret for over 10 years and a beautiful accent so naturally she has amazing street style. Enjoy this post of some of her best street styles!

I'm just going to say what everybody is thinking, she looks like she is in a campaign to sell these clothes! She is just constantly modelling, wow. I love the colours in this outfit, the blues are beautiful and it goes perfect with white. That bag fits in so well with the outfit bringing in another shade of blue to this outfit. She looks fabulous.

A very bright choice. Yellow and white is a combination I have never really enjoyed but she is really working this. Her legs look amazing in them shorts (as always) and them shorts are a great match to the outfit, especially next to the brown bag. This is very boho and I wish I could dress like this everyday, why don't I live in LA?

Alessandra is killing denim on denim here. Again, I love the two different shades of blue together with brown running through it. I love that there is brown in this outfit but spread out, if you know what I mean. Such a cool, casual outfit for a shopping trip which is where she has clearly been judging by the black bags!

Wearing white in the winter is something we need more of. I know its associated with summer more fashion wise but this outfit is beautiful! The beige jacket goes really well with the white jeans, to me white jeans are either a hit or a miss and this is definitely a hit! Its such a sophisticated look in my opinion, with the scarf round her neck in a messy way but still looks on point.

Lastly, this is my favourite look. It is just my ideal summer outfit, a patterned vest top with denim shorts is always a hit and its so easy to just throw together on a hot summer day when you are too hot to really plan an outfit. I need the sunglasses in my life! Does anybody know where they are from?

Do you guys like Alessandras street style?

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