Nina Dobrev // Paris Fashion Week Outfits

I recently stumbled across this post on Tumblr and I was amazed at how high fashion Nina Dobrev looked at the Paris fashion week, as I am so used to seeing her as a vampire on The Vampire Diaries. I was just thinking these outfits deserve a post on my blog because wow she looks stunning.

Going to a fashion week, I would imagine you would feel pressure to look extremely stylish and I have seen people kind of over do it (on pictures of course). In the most recent Paris fashion week, Nina Dobrev was on point with the fashion choices where she attended the Chanel, Elle Saab and the Atelier Versace shows.

This first look of Nina is my favourite of all 3. In a beautiful Chanel tuxedo inspired dress, she looks so sophisticated. I absolutely love this look on her because it shows off her amazing legs and is very figure hugging. With the addition of Christian Louboutins, she looks unbelievably perfect in this outfit, it was made for her.

This was the first look of Nina's adventures at Paris fashion week and again keeping it simple, with just a dress, clutch and heels. Although these two outfits are made up of the same types of clothing, they look completely different. I think the first look is alot more casual but this outfit is more dressed up. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't think this is the type of an outfit you would wear to a club but she looks more dressed up here, maybe its the hair? Never the less, she looks fabulous.

Lastly we have Nina attending the Elle Saab show in Paris, This look is very different from the other 2 but equally fabulous. Again, going with a clutch but pairing it with a very wavy skirt (or is that a dress?). I am in love with the addition of the leather jacket over the shoulders, this outfit is so sassy. Its amazing that she can pull off so many different looks, this look is a winner for her.

What oufit was your favourite?

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Bye! Xo


  1. She looks amazing on every photo,it's so hard to choose the best outfit <3


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