My Bad Beauty Habits

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This post is inspired by Couture Girl who just did a post about her bad beauty habits and it got me thinking, I have many bad beauty habits. As bad as it is, I think everybody has them and I admit alot of mine are caused by sheer laziness and that is frustrating. Surprising I don't bite my nails, which is one of the most common beauty bad habits but biting your nails isn't the worst thing you could do.

Not Washing Brushes
Is this common? I feel like in the beauty world people really emphasise the importance of washing brushes and I do, I really do understand it is important but I just keep putting it off. When I am applying my make-up before I go out, I will always say to myself 'I will wash these brushes when I come home' and I literally never do it. I just keep giving excuses and I don't own as many brushes as you think, I know many beauty bloggers own tons of brushes but I own about 5 so theres really no acceptable excuse for me to continue with these bacteria infested brushes.

Simply just not bothering with removing eye make-up 
This is terrible and I don't even think its a common bad beauty habit, its just me. I seriously hate removing eye make-up, I hate the feel of eye make up remover on or around my eye and I generally find it a task removing mascara. Its a really bad habit because I always remove face make-up because I get really paranoid about breakouts and how it will effect my skin but at the same time I let mascara run down my face when I'm in the shower. 

Being Basic
I am probably the most basic make-up wearer ever. I literally wear the same products all day, every day. I rarely, and I mean rarely, wear any colour. I read magazines and the beauty sections always has the latest eye shadow palettes and different coloured mascaras. I only own black mascara, I haven't even tried blue mascara or whatever else is floating around. I try with eye shadow, but I get really paranoid and end up just going with neutral colours. With lips I am not adventurous, I don't wear bright colours on my lips and nearly always go with a dark pink lip gloss. This needs to change because summer is all about bright colours.

Ruining my make-up after I have just applied it
This is true with nail polish aswell, I always ruin my nails after I have just painted them. For lips. I tend to drink after applying lipstick/gloss and it just fades away (this could be the products flaw not mine). I have been known to rub my eye after applying eye make-up and getting a black patch under my eye. Its safe to say after I have applied my make-up, I should just sit there and let it settle for a while.

What are your bad beauty habits?

Bye! Xo

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