Monthly Favourites // June

We are 3 days into July already so I feel I am abit late on posting my June favourites. I didn't blog half as much as I wanted to throughout June and there is no specific reason for that but I am going to put blogging as one of my top priorities this month. Anyway, on with my June favourites!

The Body Shop Pomegranate & Raspberry Room, Body & Linen Spray / LINK
If you scroll down, or just look for my last post, it was all about this so I won't go into major detail but this spray is amazingly long lasting and smells heavenly. It is seriously worth £7 and I have been wearing this almost everyday this month, while carrying it around with me as well in my bag. I 100% recommend you give this a try!

T-Zone Skin Clearing Moisturiser / LINK
This moisturiser is incredible. It is quite thick and you don't need alot so it will definitely last a long time. I have been using this for about a month, and I haven't had any breakouts which is amazing! I tend not to breakout as much in summer anyway but I want to say this is helping because when you use it it literally feels like your skin is breathing, as weird as it sounds it is one of my favourite feelings.

Seventeen Gel Colour in 'Pink Flamingo' / LINK
I am in love with gel nails right now and I've had them done before in a salon but never done them myself so when I saw this in Boots I thought I would give it a try because its only £3.99 and promises to last 8 days. I have found it is quite long lasting although mine did not last eight days, mine lasted about 5 days which I still think is pretty impressive for a highstreet nail polish. They have a lovely range of colours and the 'Pink flamingo' one I picked up is perfect for summer!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation / LINK
As you know (or should know) I adore Rimmel London, I find all their products are perfect for me and this was no exception. I honestly think this is the only foundation I have used in June, it is incredibly long lasting. It says its lasts 25 hours but I have never kept it on for that long so I can't say if that is true or not but I usually keep my foundation on for about 12 -16 hours and it lasts that long which is, once again, amazing for a highstreet product.

VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum / LINK
Serum is something I believe truly works and VO5 is an amazing hair care brand so this was a match made in heaven for me. I love love love this! I have never used anything from the smoothly does it range apart from this and I am impressed. I never realised how un-smooth my hair was before using this. Honestly, go try the smoothly does it range and feel the difference. Also, it comes with heat protect which is a big bonus!

The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter / LINK
For the majority, if not all of June, The Body Shop has had a sale on and all the body butters were £5 so naturally I picked some up, I got the papaya one and an olive one. I wasn't massively impressed with the olive one but the papaya one is so good! I already own the papaya shower gel and together its perfect. Body butter's are super moisturising and that is so helpful, more in winter time than summer time but this has helped me with some sunburn incidents (oops).

TV Show: Gossip Girl
Sadly this show has finished so once you have watched all the episodes there is nothing left but I haven't yet finished it! I watched it a few years ago when it was only on season 4 and I stopped at season 4 because there was no more episodes but there is now a season 5 and 6 so I have been watching all the episodes. I am coming to an end of season 6 which sucks because this is the perfect show. Its set in New York and all the characters are perfect, I honestly can't pick a favourite.

Music: Ed Sheeran 'X' Album AND Lana Del Rey 'Ultraviolence' Album
I wanted to just do one album for this month but I couldn't decide between these two albums. Ed Sheeran's album is amazing, every song is perfect which is expected and he got to number 1 with this album. Lana Del Rey who is one of my favourite singers ever, brought 'Ultraviolence' out this month which was long awaited and did not disappoint. Seriously, go listen to both these albums right now!

Thats all for my June favourites!

What were your June favourites?

Bye! Xo

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