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I have many style crushes and Mollie King is one of my favourite, having amazing blonde hair and being in the successful girl group The Saturdays AND having her own clothing line with Oasis, it is no wonder everybody is crushing on her style. Enjoy this post of all her best street style's!

This look is very sophisticated and reminds me of something Kate Middleton would wear, Mollie King could easily fit in with the royal family she is so classy and she did have a thing with Prince Harry so never say never, right? Anyway, I adore this outfit. I am a huge fan of blazers and I think she has worn this blazer in the perfect fashion, combined with other shades of blue, the brown bag compliments this outfit so well.

This is very boho looking, I feel like you could find similars to this outfit on, now I have no idea where any of these items are from so they could well be from there. Anyway, again she is proving blue is definitely her colour with brown. I love the dress, I think that would look fabulous by itself but a look I have rarely seen is the belt around the cardigan and the dress, in my mind that really doesn't work but here Mollie is proving me wrong!

Is this another blue and brown combination? When I picked the looks for this post I was just scrolling through random fashion websites and google images with no particular type of look in mind so subconsciously I must love this combination. Never the less, if I was Mollie King I would wear brown and blue all the time I think that is a look that suits blondes more than brunettes. I am in love with this dress because it reminds me of going to the beach, I have no idea why but this dress makes me happy.

This look is so fashionable. Personally, I never opt for colourful jeans, I always stick to blue and this look is proof you should explore the the colour palette more when it comes to jeans and I'm sure alot of you do. We have the same bag that appeared in the first look but is styled with red and blue this time not just blue, it 110% works like a dream.

Lastly, we have a simple look from Mollie. Holding a Starbucks on most likely her day off and yet she still looks fabulous. This is an outfit I would imagine somebody to wear on Made In Chelsea because the colours are bright, pastel colours which you see alot of on that show. I think orange and green are a very underrated colour pairing in street style, I mean can't you see how well they go together?

Hope you enjoyed yet another street style post! If you have any suggestions/requests for more street style posts, comment below. I love writing fashion posts more than anything.

Bye! Xo

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