Kendall Jenner // LOVE Magazine

In case you don't know, I love Kendall Jenner, she is probably my favourite celebrity ever, really. She recently scored a LOVE magazine cover and an ad to go along side her constantly growing magazine cover portfolio, as expected they are both FABULOUS. I think they are both for the same issue of LOVE.

Both of them revolve around her being an 'American Girl' which she is an all-american girl. The first one (which is an ad I believe and not a cover) is very natural, minimal make-up and she looks quite windswept. I love the sporty effect this has, the font very much reminds me of Nike and she looks sporty (I could very much be interrupting this wrong). The title has got an American flag pattern going through it which fits in with the theme of 'American'. I adore this however I the cover.

The second one is very much the opposite style but still 'American'. Its alot more feminine and cute. Wearing nothing but Fendi, Kendall looks so elegant and once again the hair looks very wind swept hair. I love the colours on this cover and there is also 3 other covers for this issue of LOVE all with the same colours. I love the childish theme it adds especially with the snail and flowers. I'm in love with the magazine cover and Kendall looks phenomenal, well done Kendall!

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