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Just like her family, Kendall Jenner has amazing fashion both on and off the red carpet. My most popular post is Kendall's street style and today is similar except all her looks are from events she has attended over the years. I would say her street style is just a tiny bit better than her red carpet choices but never the less she looks perfect. In posts I have talked about some of her outfits so I don't want to repeat myself so her wonderful Much Music Awards dress will not appear here or her Met Gala dress.
AMA Awards 2013
Starting with one of Kendall's latest looks, at the AMA Awards she looked fabulous. An extremely simple colour scheme, just white and silver, this gives the most amazing effect. I love the outfit choice for a start, its different to what you would expect, I'm going with the guess it is a top and skirt? Or is it a dress? I'm not 100% sure but it looks amazing, showing off some skin and is the perfect outfit to add a statement necklace which Kendall has done perfectly here.

Billboard Music Awards 2014
The most recent look out of these 5 looks, and one of the sexiest. Although Kendall did not have the best time at the Billboard awards she looked HOT. I love how badass this outfit is and its so high fashion which really fits in with how Kendalls style has changed over the past few months. The bag is very similar to the one in the last outfit and compliments the shoes. I honestly think that the pants look abit like a black bin bag but it works!

Hunger Games Premiere
Quite an old look but one that stuck out to me. This Azzedine Alaia dress is actually Kim Kardashians dress that she borrowed for this premiere but the dress looks like it was made for Kendall. I love the turtle neck paired with s sleek ponytail to show it off and the pattern is to die for! I am a lover of short dresses over long dresses and this the perfect length in my eyes, especially if you legs are as nice as Kendall's.

Kiis FM Wango Tango 2013
A fairly casual look for an event like this. Some would see this as a bad thing but I love this outfit, I mean its not like shes attending the Grammy's so why can't she dress quite casual? I think this outfit would work both on and off the red carpet and Kendall is showing that. At the Wango Tango she did fit in with this outfit and its gorgeous! Leather leggings and a long vest top? A perfect match! Especially with them heels.

Project X Premiere
This look is from a few years ago before Kendall was a high fashion model but even so she still dresses like one. The colour of this dress is my all time favourite colour so its an automatic winner to me. I love the shoes more though, with a little peep toe and how amazing do her legs look?

Whats your favourite look Kendall has wore to an event?

Bye! Xo

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