Current Obsession // China Glaze Nail Polish

I am completely obsessed with nail polish, I always have nail polish on, its rare you will see me without it on and I have pretty much used most brands from drugstores. However, a brand that I haven't seen in a drugstore, in England anyway, is China Glaze. It is probably the best nail polish I have ever used. I love them! It sucks that I can't find them in any stores (if you know a store please let me know) but they are available on Amazon and they are so affordable about £4 - £6 each depending on the type.

I only own 3 and that needs to change! I currently own Fifth Avenue, Below Deck & Something Sweet. My favourite is 'Something Sweet' because its my favourite shade of pink and its so girly and cute. China Glaze is my go-to nail polish, O.P.I isn't the best in my opinion. I've heard that it lasts longer than most nails but I got an O.P.I gift set for Christmas and they barely lasted two days. China Glaze last at least 3 days before chipping and that is a good amount of time in my opinion.

On my China Glaze wishlist is: Texture Bump Grind, Flip Flop Fantasy and I Sea The Point.

What is your favourite nail polish brand?


  1. Nice Choice! China Glaze is also one of our favorite brands! They really have an amazing range of hues :) - SalonSupplyStore

  2. ahh thank you! Ikr, I would choose China Glaze over every other nail polish anyday :)


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