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I am aware this type of post may not appeal to anybody but I just really wanted to write about this app because its just wow. When I first saw that Kim Kardashian was releasing her very own app, I laughed. I seriously laughed because I was just so surprised, I never saw it ever happening. I really didn't know what to expect, I mean everything the Kardashians release seems to be successful so I couldn't see this failing.

I wasn't wrong, this app was a huge success. Apparently it is set to make $200m by the end of this year through in-app purchases. This app is widely successful and I have most definitely been sucked into this game. You start off as a regular person just working a day job in a small boutique and then Kim Kardashian enters. This is where your life as a model starts.

I think it pretty much goes the same for everybody who plays this game, you get famous because you left your shop open a little bit longer for Kim Kardashian, meaning she now owes you a favour and you become known for being her friend. As the game goes on you become famous in your own right, you get agents, do photoshoots, ad campaigns and interviews etc. You date people you meet at events and regularly get phone calls from Kim Kardashian, its actually great.

This game goes along the same way most games, you earn money and personalize your avatar, you need energy to do things and you level up. I'm currently a level 9 and just bought a shop AND an apartment. Which costed alot and now the game wants me to buy a Miami beach house?!  To keep it realistic, you have fans and haters. Currently I have 30K fans which puts me as a 'D-list celebrity' and I have a hater called Willow who seems to appear just when I am doing well in the game.

Definitely download this game, available on Google Play & the App Store. It is a fun role-playing game where you get to live the glamorous life you always wanted, its hard to say no really.

Bye! Xo

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