A Few Jewellery Purchases // Matalan & H&M

(Sorry about these bad photos, rings are so hard to get a picture of when you only have auto focus)

Okay, so I only have 4 items to make this post about but I want to blog more often and I feel like this is a post that some people may like, short and sweet. I noticed I was lacking jewellery, I used to own a ton of jewellery but over the years I have broken them, lost them and I just recently threw a ton of jewellery away because I literally never worn them so I am slowly building up my collection again.

My first purchase was 2 rings from H&M which came in a 2 pack, a gold cat ring and a silver cat ring. These are adorable and cats are definitely my favourite animal so I just had to buy these when I saw them. They are to die for and would look great together and apart, a complete bargain at only £2.99.  H&M has gorgeous jewellery and I definitely wanted to buy more rings from there. I can't find the only link for these, sorry.

My next two, or should I say final 2, are from Matalan. My go-to place for jewellery is Matalan, especially when it comes to necklaces and they had a sale on today. The first thing I picked up was a midi-ring with a 'H' on. I am not really one for wearing things with my initials on or name on but this ring is so pretty. It was only £2 in the sale and I am really loving midi-rings lately.

Lastly, I got an owl necklace from Matalan. Its weird but I actually already own 2 other owl necklaces so this is my third owl necklace purchase....this year. It sounds weird but I have seen so many owl necklaces around! I saw an owl necklace in Forever 21 aswell, owls are everywhere. Anyway, this necklace is so cute, my other 2 owl necklaces are quite big owls so I love how small and cute this owl is, the perfect touch to a casual outfit.

Where are your favourite places to get jewellery?

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