Liz Earle // Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

Liz Earle is such a big hit in the beauty community or so it seems, I have not tried a massive range of her products, I have used the famous cleanse and polish cleanser and some make-up bits but I'm not the biggest fan. I was given this eyebright soothing eye lotion by my mum as she got it in a bundle and didn't really want it so its not something I would have bought myself. To be honest it was sitting on my shelf for a good month or two because I just didn't think it would work. Eventually I used it and its incredible!

The aim of it is to brighten up your eyes for when you haven't had enough sleep and your eyes look very dull. The first time I used it was when I had a sleepover with my friends and had all of 3 hours sleep so I thought it would be the perfect time to use it, you can use 2 ways. The first way is to just put some of it on cotton wool and sweep over your eyes to wake them up or you can soak two cotton wool balls in it and leave them on your eyes for 5 - 10 minutes. I decided to use the soaking option and lay there for 10 minutes with them on my eyes. My eyes looked 10x better there was very little puffiness and I felt more awake.

I have been using this most days to wake up my eyes in the morning and I have noticed a difference. If you want to, you can also use it as a light eye make-up remover. I have not tried this but I'm sure it will work if you wear little eye make-up. I have the 150ml bottle which is £10.75 here. I would say this is definitely worth the money and I will be repurchasing this!

Have you used this, what did you think?

Kendall Jenner // LOVE Magazine

In case you don't know, I love Kendall Jenner, she is probably my favourite celebrity ever, really. She recently scored a LOVE magazine cover and an ad to go along side her constantly growing magazine cover portfolio, as expected they are both FABULOUS. I think they are both for the same issue of LOVE.

Both of them revolve around her being an 'American Girl' which she is an all-american girl. The first one (which is an ad I believe and not a cover) is very natural, minimal make-up and she looks quite windswept. I love the sporty effect this has, the font very much reminds me of Nike and she looks sporty (I could very much be interrupting this wrong). The title has got an American flag pattern going through it which fits in with the theme of 'American'. I adore this however I the cover.

The second one is very much the opposite style but still 'American'. Its alot more feminine and cute. Wearing nothing but Fendi, Kendall looks so elegant and once again the hair looks very wind swept hair. I love the colours on this cover and there is also 3 other covers for this issue of LOVE all with the same colours. I love the childish theme it adds especially with the snail and flowers. I'm in love with the magazine cover and Kendall looks phenomenal, well done Kendall!

Birthday // Wishlist

I am definitely a birthday person so when it gets near to my birthday I will not shut up about the fact its almost my birthday. My birthday is the 16th of August which isn't that close but its less than a month so whats the harm in sharing my birthday wishlist?

Kindle Paperwhite / Kindle Case / Essie Nail Polish / Butter London Duo / H&M Denim Dress / Ted Baker Wash Bag / Hotel Chocolat Happy Birthday / Clinique Chubbystick 

To be completely honest this is only a small part of my wishlist, I love birthdays!

Street Style // Alessandra Ambrosio

Not only does Alessandra Ambrosio have an amazing body she also has amazing fashion sense especially when it comes to street style. She has her own fashion line, been part of Victorias Secret for over 10 years and a beautiful accent so naturally she has amazing street style. Enjoy this post of some of her best street styles!

I'm just going to say what everybody is thinking, she looks like she is in a campaign to sell these clothes! She is just constantly modelling, wow. I love the colours in this outfit, the blues are beautiful and it goes perfect with white. That bag fits in so well with the outfit bringing in another shade of blue to this outfit. She looks fabulous.

A very bright choice. Yellow and white is a combination I have never really enjoyed but she is really working this. Her legs look amazing in them shorts (as always) and them shorts are a great match to the outfit, especially next to the brown bag. This is very boho and I wish I could dress like this everyday, why don't I live in LA?

Alessandra is killing denim on denim here. Again, I love the two different shades of blue together with brown running through it. I love that there is brown in this outfit but spread out, if you know what I mean. Such a cool, casual outfit for a shopping trip which is where she has clearly been judging by the black bags!

Wearing white in the winter is something we need more of. I know its associated with summer more fashion wise but this outfit is beautiful! The beige jacket goes really well with the white jeans, to me white jeans are either a hit or a miss and this is definitely a hit! Its such a sophisticated look in my opinion, with the scarf round her neck in a messy way but still looks on point.

Lastly, this is my favourite look. It is just my ideal summer outfit, a patterned vest top with denim shorts is always a hit and its so easy to just throw together on a hot summer day when you are too hot to really plan an outfit. I need the sunglasses in my life! Does anybody know where they are from?

Do you guys like Alessandras street style?

Wishlist // Boots

A Few Jewellery Purchases // Matalan & H&M

(Sorry about these bad photos, rings are so hard to get a picture of when you only have auto focus)

Okay, so I only have 4 items to make this post about but I want to blog more often and I feel like this is a post that some people may like, short and sweet. I noticed I was lacking jewellery, I used to own a ton of jewellery but over the years I have broken them, lost them and I just recently threw a ton of jewellery away because I literally never worn them so I am slowly building up my collection again.

My first purchase was 2 rings from H&M which came in a 2 pack, a gold cat ring and a silver cat ring. These are adorable and cats are definitely my favourite animal so I just had to buy these when I saw them. They are to die for and would look great together and apart, a complete bargain at only £2.99.  H&M has gorgeous jewellery and I definitely wanted to buy more rings from there. I can't find the only link for these, sorry.

My next two, or should I say final 2, are from Matalan. My go-to place for jewellery is Matalan, especially when it comes to necklaces and they had a sale on today. The first thing I picked up was a midi-ring with a 'H' on. I am not really one for wearing things with my initials on or name on but this ring is so pretty. It was only £2 in the sale and I am really loving midi-rings lately.

Lastly, I got an owl necklace from Matalan. Its weird but I actually already own 2 other owl necklaces so this is my third owl necklace purchase....this year. It sounds weird but I have seen so many owl necklaces around! I saw an owl necklace in Forever 21 aswell, owls are everywhere. Anyway, this necklace is so cute, my other 2 owl necklaces are quite big owls so I love how small and cute this owl is, the perfect touch to a casual outfit.

Where are your favourite places to get jewellery?

Current Obsession // China Glaze Nail Polish

I am completely obsessed with nail polish, I always have nail polish on, its rare you will see me without it on and I have pretty much used most brands from drugstores. However, a brand that I haven't seen in a drugstore, in England anyway, is China Glaze. It is probably the best nail polish I have ever used. I love them! It sucks that I can't find them in any stores (if you know a store please let me know) but they are available on Amazon and they are so affordable about £4 - £6 each depending on the type.

I only own 3 and that needs to change! I currently own Fifth Avenue, Below Deck & Something Sweet. My favourite is 'Something Sweet' because its my favourite shade of pink and its so girly and cute. China Glaze is my go-to nail polish, O.P.I isn't the best in my opinion. I've heard that it lasts longer than most nails but I got an O.P.I gift set for Christmas and they barely lasted two days. China Glaze last at least 3 days before chipping and that is a good amount of time in my opinion.

On my China Glaze wishlist is: Texture Bump Grind, Flip Flop Fantasy and I Sea The Point.

What is your favourite nail polish brand?

VO5 Favourites // Cherish My Colour & Smoothly Does It

VO5 has alot of different products with different purposes, they have plump it up, smoothly does it etc. I recently picked up the 'Smoothly Does It' heat protect serum and the 'Cherish My Colour' full bodied spray. I featured the heat protect serum in my recent June favourites but in brief detail. I picked these two up when Superdrug had all VO5 products 2 for £5 I think it was, and as the heat protect serum alone is £4.19, it was a complete bargain.

The smoothly does it serum has become and essential in my hair routine now. Back in 2012 I religiously used serum after washing my hair, this was when I was washing my hair everyday and using far too much serum (I didn't know anything about hair back then). I thought serum was doing more damage to my hair than good which in all fairness it probably was because I was using far too much but I was reading alot of hair routine blogposts and they all included serums so I thought I would pick one up and VO5 has never disappointed me. The serum is amazing! My hair is noticeably smoother, you only need the tiniest bit for your hair and it does the job. I hope this lasts me along time, its such a bargain aswell.

Cherish my colour is actually a range of VO5 products I have never tried. This full boded spray is my first purchase from the range and it is certainly a good place to start. This also has heat protect, like most of the VO5 hair products, it smells amazing. I have a full head of highlights so keeping them looking fresh is vital and this helps along side colour protect shampoo.

I love VO5, after L'Oreal it is probably my favourite hair brand. I also love the plump it up shampoo for when my hair lack volume, what VO5 products do you use?

Bye! Xo

Website Favourite //

I have been spending a hell of a lot of time reading blogs lately and I have gathered a good collection of all my favourite ones, I was considering doing a post on all my favourite bloggers but I am not friends with them or anything. One of my favourites is If you don't remember Lauren Conrad or even know who she is, she was on the reality show 'The Hills', she has wrote books and has a fashion line so shes pretty damn successful.

I love her blog because there is very frequent posts, I mean almost everyday and it is just such a normal blog like you wouldn't even think she was considered a 'celebrity'. Shes so down to earth and her blog is so helpful! It is full of everything you need to know, from being fit and healthy to how to make valentines day gifts. I stumbled upon it when I was looking at fitness tips and there is some amazing fitness plans and tips on there.

Following Lauren Conrad on loads of different social networking sites is also a must for me now. I frequently pin from her Pinterest and I follow her Instagram, I honestly wish she was my best friend. If you are looking for a new blog to read I would definitely recommend!

Have you guys read Lauren's blog?

New Blog Design!

This is a very spontaneous post but I have been wanting to buy a blog design for while, I tried finding free ones which looked nice and tidy but nothing was doing it for me, so I searched Etsy for blogger designs and I wanted a very simplistic one, just black and white really that looked more professional. I purchased the 'Heather' template, its exactly what I wanted and Heather is my name! I'm trying to get used to having my face on my blog and I love having widgets for all my social networking sites :D

I love this new design! Thank you to :)

Do you all like the new design?

App // Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I am aware this type of post may not appeal to anybody but I just really wanted to write about this app because its just wow. When I first saw that Kim Kardashian was releasing her very own app, I laughed. I seriously laughed because I was just so surprised, I never saw it ever happening. I really didn't know what to expect, I mean everything the Kardashians release seems to be successful so I couldn't see this failing.

I wasn't wrong, this app was a huge success. Apparently it is set to make $200m by the end of this year through in-app purchases. This app is widely successful and I have most definitely been sucked into this game. You start off as a regular person just working a day job in a small boutique and then Kim Kardashian enters. This is where your life as a model starts.

I think it pretty much goes the same for everybody who plays this game, you get famous because you left your shop open a little bit longer for Kim Kardashian, meaning she now owes you a favour and you become known for being her friend. As the game goes on you become famous in your own right, you get agents, do photoshoots, ad campaigns and interviews etc. You date people you meet at events and regularly get phone calls from Kim Kardashian, its actually great.

This game goes along the same way most games, you earn money and personalize your avatar, you need energy to do things and you level up. I'm currently a level 9 and just bought a shop AND an apartment. Which costed alot and now the game wants me to buy a Miami beach house?!  To keep it realistic, you have fans and haters. Currently I have 30K fans which puts me as a 'D-list celebrity' and I have a hater called Willow who seems to appear just when I am doing well in the game.

Definitely download this game, available on Google Play & the App Store. It is a fun role-playing game where you get to live the glamorous life you always wanted, its hard to say no really.

Bye! Xo

Nina Dobrev // Paris Fashion Week Outfits

I recently stumbled across this post on Tumblr and I was amazed at how high fashion Nina Dobrev looked at the Paris fashion week, as I am so used to seeing her as a vampire on The Vampire Diaries. I was just thinking these outfits deserve a post on my blog because wow she looks stunning.

Going to a fashion week, I would imagine you would feel pressure to look extremely stylish and I have seen people kind of over do it (on pictures of course). In the most recent Paris fashion week, Nina Dobrev was on point with the fashion choices where she attended the Chanel, Elle Saab and the Atelier Versace shows.

This first look of Nina is my favourite of all 3. In a beautiful Chanel tuxedo inspired dress, she looks so sophisticated. I absolutely love this look on her because it shows off her amazing legs and is very figure hugging. With the addition of Christian Louboutins, she looks unbelievably perfect in this outfit, it was made for her.

This was the first look of Nina's adventures at Paris fashion week and again keeping it simple, with just a dress, clutch and heels. Although these two outfits are made up of the same types of clothing, they look completely different. I think the first look is alot more casual but this outfit is more dressed up. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't think this is the type of an outfit you would wear to a club but she looks more dressed up here, maybe its the hair? Never the less, she looks fabulous.

Lastly we have Nina attending the Elle Saab show in Paris, This look is very different from the other 2 but equally fabulous. Again, going with a clutch but pairing it with a very wavy skirt (or is that a dress?). I am in love with the addition of the leather jacket over the shoulders, this outfit is so sassy. Its amazing that she can pull off so many different looks, this look is a winner for her.

What oufit was your favourite?

Also I am selling some stuff from The Body Shop on eBay (all brand new):

Love Etc. Perfume
Ananya Perfume
Blueberry Body Butter
Elderflower Eye Gel

All super affrdable and end soon! :)

Bye! Xo

Mollie King // Street Style

I have many style crushes and Mollie King is one of my favourite, having amazing blonde hair and being in the successful girl group The Saturdays AND having her own clothing line with Oasis, it is no wonder everybody is crushing on her style. Enjoy this post of all her best street style's!

This look is very sophisticated and reminds me of something Kate Middleton would wear, Mollie King could easily fit in with the royal family she is so classy and she did have a thing with Prince Harry so never say never, right? Anyway, I adore this outfit. I am a huge fan of blazers and I think she has worn this blazer in the perfect fashion, combined with other shades of blue, the brown bag compliments this outfit so well.

This is very boho looking, I feel like you could find similars to this outfit on, now I have no idea where any of these items are from so they could well be from there. Anyway, again she is proving blue is definitely her colour with brown. I love the dress, I think that would look fabulous by itself but a look I have rarely seen is the belt around the cardigan and the dress, in my mind that really doesn't work but here Mollie is proving me wrong!

Is this another blue and brown combination? When I picked the looks for this post I was just scrolling through random fashion websites and google images with no particular type of look in mind so subconsciously I must love this combination. Never the less, if I was Mollie King I would wear brown and blue all the time I think that is a look that suits blondes more than brunettes. I am in love with this dress because it reminds me of going to the beach, I have no idea why but this dress makes me happy.

This look is so fashionable. Personally, I never opt for colourful jeans, I always stick to blue and this look is proof you should explore the the colour palette more when it comes to jeans and I'm sure alot of you do. We have the same bag that appeared in the first look but is styled with red and blue this time not just blue, it 110% works like a dream.

Lastly, we have a simple look from Mollie. Holding a Starbucks on most likely her day off and yet she still looks fabulous. This is an outfit I would imagine somebody to wear on Made In Chelsea because the colours are bright, pastel colours which you see alot of on that show. I think orange and green are a very underrated colour pairing in street style, I mean can't you see how well they go together?

Hope you enjoyed yet another street style post! If you have any suggestions/requests for more street style posts, comment below. I love writing fashion posts more than anything.

Bye! Xo

H&M // Wishlist

Sleeveless Blouse / Denim Dress / Jersey Top / Pyjamas / Denim Shorts / Sunglasses / Hairband With Flowers / Denim Shorts / Kabuki Brush / Shoulder Bag / Platform Boots

My H&M wishlist could go on forever, its a perfect store, these are just some of the items on my wishlist! Whats on your H&M wishlist?

Bye! Xo

My Bad Beauty Habits

Image: weheartit

This post is inspired by Couture Girl who just did a post about her bad beauty habits and it got me thinking, I have many bad beauty habits. As bad as it is, I think everybody has them and I admit alot of mine are caused by sheer laziness and that is frustrating. Surprising I don't bite my nails, which is one of the most common beauty bad habits but biting your nails isn't the worst thing you could do.

Not Washing Brushes
Is this common? I feel like in the beauty world people really emphasise the importance of washing brushes and I do, I really do understand it is important but I just keep putting it off. When I am applying my make-up before I go out, I will always say to myself 'I will wash these brushes when I come home' and I literally never do it. I just keep giving excuses and I don't own as many brushes as you think, I know many beauty bloggers own tons of brushes but I own about 5 so theres really no acceptable excuse for me to continue with these bacteria infested brushes.

Simply just not bothering with removing eye make-up 
This is terrible and I don't even think its a common bad beauty habit, its just me. I seriously hate removing eye make-up, I hate the feel of eye make up remover on or around my eye and I generally find it a task removing mascara. Its a really bad habit because I always remove face make-up because I get really paranoid about breakouts and how it will effect my skin but at the same time I let mascara run down my face when I'm in the shower. 

Being Basic
I am probably the most basic make-up wearer ever. I literally wear the same products all day, every day. I rarely, and I mean rarely, wear any colour. I read magazines and the beauty sections always has the latest eye shadow palettes and different coloured mascaras. I only own black mascara, I haven't even tried blue mascara or whatever else is floating around. I try with eye shadow, but I get really paranoid and end up just going with neutral colours. With lips I am not adventurous, I don't wear bright colours on my lips and nearly always go with a dark pink lip gloss. This needs to change because summer is all about bright colours.

Ruining my make-up after I have just applied it
This is true with nail polish aswell, I always ruin my nails after I have just painted them. For lips. I tend to drink after applying lipstick/gloss and it just fades away (this could be the products flaw not mine). I have been known to rub my eye after applying eye make-up and getting a black patch under my eye. Its safe to say after I have applied my make-up, I should just sit there and let it settle for a while.

What are your bad beauty habits?

Bye! Xo

Website Favourite //

Thought I would try something different today so I have gone for a website review, I suppose. I am always looking for reviews on products before I buy them especially if its a fairly expensive product and I fully trust strangers on the internet, as weird as that sounds and is full of beauty lovers who voice their opinions on various products and are very informative and helpful (mostly).

They have almost every product you can think of, everytime I am searching for a product they seem to have it. Each time a member leaves a review it has their skin type, skin tone, hair type etc. All things that are very useful because products act differently on different types of skin/hair so it is extremely helpful. I have found it especially useful on skin care because some products have amazing reviews but you realise they are all from people with dry skin so of course if you have oily skin then this product isn't going to be as amazing as these people make out.

Of course this is free so please lower your expectations before you start complaining, honestly there is not a great deal to complain about because its an amazing website and its also has a free app so you can read all these reviews on the go, I don't find the app very good but once again its free so I'm not complaining.

This is my go-to for product reviews and I leave so many reviews on it because I love helping out the beauty community online as they are some of the nicest people out there so go make an account and join the fun!

Have you guys ever used it? What do you think of it?

Bye! Xo

Kendall Jenner // Events

Just like her family, Kendall Jenner has amazing fashion both on and off the red carpet. My most popular post is Kendall's street style and today is similar except all her looks are from events she has attended over the years. I would say her street style is just a tiny bit better than her red carpet choices but never the less she looks perfect. In posts I have talked about some of her outfits so I don't want to repeat myself so her wonderful Much Music Awards dress will not appear here or her Met Gala dress.
AMA Awards 2013
Starting with one of Kendall's latest looks, at the AMA Awards she looked fabulous. An extremely simple colour scheme, just white and silver, this gives the most amazing effect. I love the outfit choice for a start, its different to what you would expect, I'm going with the guess it is a top and skirt? Or is it a dress? I'm not 100% sure but it looks amazing, showing off some skin and is the perfect outfit to add a statement necklace which Kendall has done perfectly here.

Billboard Music Awards 2014
The most recent look out of these 5 looks, and one of the sexiest. Although Kendall did not have the best time at the Billboard awards she looked HOT. I love how badass this outfit is and its so high fashion which really fits in with how Kendalls style has changed over the past few months. The bag is very similar to the one in the last outfit and compliments the shoes. I honestly think that the pants look abit like a black bin bag but it works!

Hunger Games Premiere
Quite an old look but one that stuck out to me. This Azzedine Alaia dress is actually Kim Kardashians dress that she borrowed for this premiere but the dress looks like it was made for Kendall. I love the turtle neck paired with s sleek ponytail to show it off and the pattern is to die for! I am a lover of short dresses over long dresses and this the perfect length in my eyes, especially if you legs are as nice as Kendall's.

Kiis FM Wango Tango 2013
A fairly casual look for an event like this. Some would see this as a bad thing but I love this outfit, I mean its not like shes attending the Grammy's so why can't she dress quite casual? I think this outfit would work both on and off the red carpet and Kendall is showing that. At the Wango Tango she did fit in with this outfit and its gorgeous! Leather leggings and a long vest top? A perfect match! Especially with them heels.

Project X Premiere
This look is from a few years ago before Kendall was a high fashion model but even so she still dresses like one. The colour of this dress is my all time favourite colour so its an automatic winner to me. I love the shoes more though, with a little peep toe and how amazing do her legs look?

Whats your favourite look Kendall has wore to an event?

Bye! Xo

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