The Body Shop // Blueberry Body Lotion & Shower Gel

Its a known fact that I adore The Body Shop, it is one of my favourite shops to visit and I have never faced any problems with the products either. Blueberry is probably my favourite scent, berries are the perfect scent for anything, in my opinion. So naturally when The Body Shop came out with the blueberry products, I was in heaven. The blueberry range is 'special edition' not 100% sure if that means that its limited or not, I hope this range lasts a while though.

I don't need to explain how to use either of these products because I think everybody knows. However, I have never used a body lotion by The Body Shop, to be honest I didn't know they existed so I was super happy when I discovered this body lotion, in the sale aswell may I add. I thought they only made body butters which I LOVE, and I have tried the Blueberry Body Butter. I find the body lotion isn't as thick as the body butter, I don't know if that is a psychological thing because I know its a lotion not a butter, but never the less I can tell the difference.

I have mentioned the shower gel in a monthly favourites post in the past, and The Body Shop shower gel's seem to be the only shower gel's I use, I don't know when that happened but I now own 6 of them. For the price, these last insanely long and smell amazing (obviously). I could pretty much go on all day about why I love The Body Shop and the range of shower gel's but I won't because nobody is interested.

The aim of this post was to just get my word out there, that the blueberry range from The Body Shop is one of the best things I have ever come across, its a new favourite of mine (shortly followed by the early-harvest raspberry range). Be sure to check out the blueberry range here (on sale aswell).

What is your favourite range from The Body Shop?

Bye! Xo

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