Selena Gomez // Favourite Red Carpet Looks

I have done many street style posts about celebrities with amazing street style so I thought I would shake it up by doing a red carpet version. My first red carpet post is Selena Gomez and she is such a style icon, I have always looked up to Selena Gomez for fashion tips because I think she is always on point so enjoy my post on her red carpet looks!
Reem Acra
First dress at the premiere of Spring Breakers (such a great film by the way). I absolutely adore this Reem Acra dress she has chosen, it is so elegant and red is such a great colour on her, especially paired with the red lipstick. The love the V cut then the rest is filled in with lace (is that lace?), never the less, it looks absolutely breathtaking!
Dolce and Gabbana
Supporting Unicef, Selena looks dazzling in this Dolce and Gabbana piece. I adore the length and the sleeveless element to this dress, it works so well for her and shows off her amazing figure. Overall, this dress is absolute perfection for her because it works so well with her skin tone and hair colour.
One of my favourite looks she has ever worn to an event. I love how different it is, I feel neon is a rare sighting on celebrities when they attend events like this. This dress is exactly what I would associate with Selena and it really reminds me of her NEO collection she has with Adidas because of the bold colours and she is 110% somebody who can pull off bold, bright colours like this.
This is one of my ultimate favourite looks from Selena Gomez! Its so simple and she looks phenomenal in this dress. I love this dress, I first saw it because Cara Delevingne was modelling it (one of my favourite models of course) and I loved it, then I realised this is the same dress and I loved it abit more. It is so simplistic but so flattering on Selena, her hair looks amazing against the colour of the dress and it shows her figure off.
Lastly this dress, from the Billboard Music Award 2012, is another one of my favourites. I think this is quite a mature outfit choice for her, considering at the time she was 18 going on 19. The colour selection is simple, just black and red, and I think that makes this look alot better because you don't want too many colours all at once. I adore the cutout at the sides and one leg out, Angelina Jolie style. Overall, this look is absolutely beautiful.

Thats all! What is your favourite Selena Gomez look?

Bye! Xo

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