Review // Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Foundation & Concealer

Hello everybody! I feel like I haven't posted in forever when it honestly hasn't been that long. Anyway, today is a Rimmel post (surprise) and the stay matte collection is very popular judging by beauty bloggers on the web so I am joining the hype with my review on the products.

Lets start with the Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This product is so hyped, so I thought I would give it a try. I can't say its the best product I've ever used but as far as pressed powders go, it does the job. As my skin is quite oily, when I wear certain foundations my skin can look extremely oily and this powder really calms it down when that happens. It is not long lasting and doesn't not give full coverage which is kind of off putting for me, because I hate reapplying make-up throughout the day and sometimes my skin gets too shiny and I have to reapply the powder after I have already applied it. The coverage isn't a massive struggle for me because I don't wear it for the coverage, it has some coverage but not full coverage. Overall, I would use this product again because it works but I think you can maybe find a better pressed powder out there. However, this is quite cheap in comparison to the other pressed powders in the make-up market so you do get your moneys worth.

Moving on to the Stay Matte Foundation. This was one of the first ever foundations I used and when I used it I was just in love with it because I had virtually nothing to compare it to so I thought it was the best foundation going. I wasn't completely wrong when I came to this conclusion because it does give really good coverage and lasts quite a while but its not the best. Like I previously said, I have oily skin and I found this was too dry even for me. It gave me a powdery look and I thought I was applying it wrong and people on forums came out with 'you need to apply with your fingers' then others said 'you need to apply it with a brush' and I tried both methods and their was little difference (I found it looked better if you applied it with fingers). I wouldn't recommend this foundation to be completely honest, I am currently obsessed with the 'Wake Me Up' foundation by Rimmel.

Finally, Stay Matte Concealer. I have tried many concealers and I think this is one of my favourites. If you read one of previous posts, I think it was the haul one, I mentioned that my Stay Matter concealer actually snapped on me. This may have been my fault as I am very heavy handed even if I don't realize it so I'm not going to blame the product. This concealer promises not to clog pores which I found to be true and it has a green circle in the middle that helps blemishes and I didn't break out any more or any less when using this product, so its a win-win there. It is also really affordable but sadly it only comes in 4 shade, luckily I found a shade that is near enough my shade but for some people it may not be the case. If your skin tone fits this product, I would 110% recommend this concealer!

Do you guys like the Stay Matte products from Rimmel?

Bye! Xo

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