Monthly Favourites // May

Wow! I cannot believe its June, this year is going incredible fast and it is now time for another monthly favourites. This may be one of my shortest monthly favourites yet because I honestly haven't had alot of new favourites this month but never the less I think I have enough for a post, enjoy! :)

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation / LINK 
I have owned this foundation for a few months now and I haven't worn it a great deal except for the past couple of weeks. I am a huge lover of Rimmel as you probably know if you read my blog so it is no surprise that I am loving this foundation. It gives amazing coverage, its affordable and it really does wake your skin up, which I need right now as I haven't been getting alot of sleep.

The Body Shop Vinyard Peach Shower Gel / LINK
In previous favourites I have mentioned the blueberry and early-harvest raspberry shower gels from The Body Shop and this month I purchased 4 more shower gels from The Body Shop: blueberry, vineyard peach, mango and early-harvest raspberry as they were buy one get one half price. The mango and vineyard peach were first time purchases and I was so happy with the vineyard peach and is my new favourite shower gel from The Body Shop, hence why it is in my favourites.

Rimmel London Hide That Blemish Concealer / LINK
I mentioned this in my collective haul post (here) it is my favourite concealer I have ever used. I like to own two of everything, if you know what I mean, two foundations, two mascaras etc. This is because I don't like being left short of products I see as an essential, like concealer, but when it comes to this I don't feel like I need two because for the price I think it will last me for a hell of a long time and although it is quite powdery it really works for my over oily skin.

Kim Kardashian Signature Perfume / LINK
If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know I got this for Christmas as it was featured in this post and it is no secret I love the Kardashians! Although I have owned this perfume for a while now, I haven't used it alot because I own alot of perfumes and this month this fragrance has been my scent all month long. I really don't know how to describe perfumes, but this perfume is very unique.

Baby Lips Protecting Berry / LINK
I did a full post on baby lips (here) a few weeks ago and this lip balm still remains my favourite. In my baby lips post I do go in to full detail about the positive and negatives etc. I will keep it short, this lip balm smells amazing, moisturises and is really affordable!

Music: Fergie / LINK
I am sure you have all listened to Fergie before but this month I have been listening to her solo music on repeat. I love 'London Bridge' and 'Here I Come'.

TV Show: America's Next Top Model
I have been binge watching America's Next Top Model this month, I absolutely adore Tyra Banks and I have watched cycle 12, 13 & 16. It is so addictive!

That is all for this monthly favourites post! What have been your monthly favourites?

Bye! Xo

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