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This is not the first appearance of Kylie Jenner on my blog and she is somebody I look up to alot in terms of fashion because she is amazing at putting together outfits for a 16 (!!!!) year old. This post is about what she has wore to events over the past few years, I will be picking some of my favourites, enjoy!

This look from 2012 is one of my favourite looks. Alot of these outfits are from 2012/13 because I think they were when she was dressing the best, right now I am not loving alot of her outfits choices, but who am I to judge? Anyway, this outfit is so chic and simple and has a classic look to it which I think really works for Kylie's look because her hair was so beautiful at the TCAs and The dress only made it better.

Although this look is not something I would necessary wear myself, I think this works really well. The MSFTS top could be wore in a casual style with just jeans but Kylie has chosen to dress it up with an edgy leather skirt which looks fabulous. This look is very gothic in terms of colours but still keeps the feminine side with the long hair and a skirt.

I can't remember the exact year Kylie wore this dress but it was a few years ago now, as she looks alot younger with minimal make-up. I am absolutely in love with this dress because it was for a Coca-Cola & Heart Radio event and both of them are what colour? Red! Showing up in a red dress could be seen as cliche but she rocked this look and was at the event with Kendall (sister) and Kris (mum) so they all looked amazing with long red dresses on and did not look cliche at all.

One of the best combinations is always black and white, which this outfit shows really well. A white crop top matched with a long black skirt and a space to show off her legs is never going to fail, lets be honest. This look is so perfect! The simplicity makes it 10x better because she doesn't look too overdressed for the occasion but still looks like shes made an effort.

Save the best 'til last, right? This is the only look from this year and Kylie (left) is to die for in this dress. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. As she had only had the ombre and short hair for a short amount of time, it gave her an opportunity to show it off and of course wear a fabulous dress. I love the fact it is strapless and short, it just screams fashionista to me and the shoes are the perfect pairing with this outfit. Urgh, perfection.

Bye! Xo

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