Current Obsession // The Body Shop Pomegranate & Raspberry Body, Room & Linen Spray

Wow, that is a long title. Anyway, I thought 'current obsession' could become something I do, my previous current obsession post was about a Calvin Klein scent (here) and became one of my popular posts so I assume people enjoyed it. Although this post is also about a scent I do not intend for all my current obsession to be scents, even though I am kind of a body spray/perfume addict.

As I have mentioned The Body Shop a million times on this blog, I am just going to skip over the part where I say I love The Body Shop. It is not the first time I have used this spray, it is the second time I have purchased it so that is a clear sign I love it. Not only is this scent one of my favourite scents in the whole world, it is so long lasting! I spray this on my bed sheets sometimes, mainly just because I can and who doesn't want to get into a nice smelling bed? I sometimes spray it a few hours before I actually go to bed and when I get in bed it smells like it has only just been sprayed. Long lasting is definitely the most important thing for me in sprays because it annoys the hell out of me when somebody sprays a deodorant or something in public and they spray way too much because everybody gets annoyed, and in most peoples eyes I think I spray too much so I like to not have to re-spray during the day.

I have purchased the pomegranate and raspberry one but the room, body and linen spray comes in so many different scents, all here, another one of my favourites is the green tea and lemon and I am yet to try the others! These are all £7 which I think is very reasonable because you don't have to use alot of it so one bottle (100ml) lasts you a while and I find them alot nicer than the body mists because alot of the body mists can be very overpowering scent-wise, not all of them the Japanese cherry blossom is one of my favourites.

To me, this is the ultimate body spray and it can also be used in your room and on linen so its better than regular body mists. I am huge lover of fruity scents, especially berries so naturally this is my favourites but like I previously said there is a variety of scents for everybody. Once again, I am not disappointed by The Body Shop.

Have you guys tried any of these scents? Which is your favourite?

Bye! Xo

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