Current Obsession // The Body Shop Pomegranate & Raspberry Body, Room & Linen Spray

Wow, that is a long title. Anyway, I thought 'current obsession' could become something I do, my previous current obsession post was about a Calvin Klein scent (here) and became one of my popular posts so I assume people enjoyed it. Although this post is also about a scent I do not intend for all my current obsession to be scents, even though I am kind of a body spray/perfume addict.

As I have mentioned The Body Shop a million times on this blog, I am just going to skip over the part where I say I love The Body Shop. It is not the first time I have used this spray, it is the second time I have purchased it so that is a clear sign I love it. Not only is this scent one of my favourite scents in the whole world, it is so long lasting! I spray this on my bed sheets sometimes, mainly just because I can and who doesn't want to get into a nice smelling bed? I sometimes spray it a few hours before I actually go to bed and when I get in bed it smells like it has only just been sprayed. Long lasting is definitely the most important thing for me in sprays because it annoys the hell out of me when somebody sprays a deodorant or something in public and they spray way too much because everybody gets annoyed, and in most peoples eyes I think I spray too much so I like to not have to re-spray during the day.

I have purchased the pomegranate and raspberry one but the room, body and linen spray comes in so many different scents, all here, another one of my favourites is the green tea and lemon and I am yet to try the others! These are all £7 which I think is very reasonable because you don't have to use alot of it so one bottle (100ml) lasts you a while and I find them alot nicer than the body mists because alot of the body mists can be very overpowering scent-wise, not all of them the Japanese cherry blossom is one of my favourites.

To me, this is the ultimate body spray and it can also be used in your room and on linen so its better than regular body mists. I am huge lover of fruity scents, especially berries so naturally this is my favourites but like I previously said there is a variety of scents for everybody. Once again, I am not disappointed by The Body Shop.

Have you guys tried any of these scents? Which is your favourite?

Bye! Xo

Look For Less // Taylor Swift

Aloha everybody, today is a look for less post which I honestly haven't done in a while. Its Taylor Swift who I think has amazing style, so effortlessly aswell which makes it 10x better. These styles will be very casual as they are my favourite looks of hers so I hope you all enjoy!
Sweater (£15) EXACT Sweater (here) Jeans (£7) Shoes (£24.49) Bag (£26.39)
Sunglasses (£7) Necklace (£2.40) Jumper (£27.99) Leggings (£4) Boots (£13) Bag (£19.80)

Top (£41.04) Shorts (£12.90) Shoes (£30) Bag (£30)

What look is your favourite?

Bye! Xo

Kendall and Kylie Jenner // Much Music Awards 2014

It is no secret that I love Kendall and Kylie Jenner as they have been on my blog countless amounts of time so it is not surprise they are making another appearance. On Sunday, they hosted the Much Music Awards which honestly I have never heard of, I only knew about it because of them. I have not seen it but I'm sure it was amazing. Anyway, Kendall was wearing a Fausto Puglisi dress with two slits in it which I was totally in love with and Kylie graced a Nicholas Jebran dress which looks completely perfect on her.

The whole reason I wanted to do this post was because of Kylie's dress from the Fall 2014 collection by Nicholas Jebran. I am actually in love with this dress, its simply stunning and so high fashion especially with the addiction of the short hair and no blue dip dye! I wasn't loving the blue hair, sorry. I think this was quite a surprise for me as Kylie is more of a dark colour wearer, especially in mid 2013 so I am so happy she is starting to wear brighter colours again because I think it looks so good on her.

Normally I would say Kendall was the better dresser out of the two of them but at this event, Kylie was definitely the best dressed. Although, Kendall still looked amazing in this dress. I don't really like the idea of two slits but if its going to look good on anybody, its Kendall Jenner because she has the perfect figure for it. Showing off not only her legs but her hips?! Thats brave, I mean that could cause a massive wardrobe malfunction. Thankfully it didn't and she stayed looking fabulous! I am loving the jewels patterned down the dress and the sleeves it is the perfect touch and I love how the Jenner sister's are starting to dress more high fashion. Also did you see Kendall's new Givenchy campaign? See it here.

What did you all think of their outfits? I am aware they had some outfit changes throughout the night but I just wanted to focus on these outfits because they were the main outfits and in my opinion, the best.

Bye! Xo

Kylie Jenner // Events

This is not the first appearance of Kylie Jenner on my blog and she is somebody I look up to alot in terms of fashion because she is amazing at putting together outfits for a 16 (!!!!) year old. This post is about what she has wore to events over the past few years, I will be picking some of my favourites, enjoy!

This look from 2012 is one of my favourite looks. Alot of these outfits are from 2012/13 because I think they were when she was dressing the best, right now I am not loving alot of her outfits choices, but who am I to judge? Anyway, this outfit is so chic and simple and has a classic look to it which I think really works for Kylie's look because her hair was so beautiful at the TCAs and The dress only made it better.

Although this look is not something I would necessary wear myself, I think this works really well. The MSFTS top could be wore in a casual style with just jeans but Kylie has chosen to dress it up with an edgy leather skirt which looks fabulous. This look is very gothic in terms of colours but still keeps the feminine side with the long hair and a skirt.

I can't remember the exact year Kylie wore this dress but it was a few years ago now, as she looks alot younger with minimal make-up. I am absolutely in love with this dress because it was for a Coca-Cola & Heart Radio event and both of them are what colour? Red! Showing up in a red dress could be seen as cliche but she rocked this look and was at the event with Kendall (sister) and Kris (mum) so they all looked amazing with long red dresses on and did not look cliche at all.

One of the best combinations is always black and white, which this outfit shows really well. A white crop top matched with a long black skirt and a space to show off her legs is never going to fail, lets be honest. This look is so perfect! The simplicity makes it 10x better because she doesn't look too overdressed for the occasion but still looks like shes made an effort.

Save the best 'til last, right? This is the only look from this year and Kylie (left) is to die for in this dress. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. As she had only had the ombre and short hair for a short amount of time, it gave her an opportunity to show it off and of course wear a fabulous dress. I love the fact it is strapless and short, it just screams fashionista to me and the shoes are the perfect pairing with this outfit. Urgh, perfection.

Bye! Xo

The Body Shop // Blueberry Body Lotion & Shower Gel

Its a known fact that I adore The Body Shop, it is one of my favourite shops to visit and I have never faced any problems with the products either. Blueberry is probably my favourite scent, berries are the perfect scent for anything, in my opinion. So naturally when The Body Shop came out with the blueberry products, I was in heaven. The blueberry range is 'special edition' not 100% sure if that means that its limited or not, I hope this range lasts a while though.

I don't need to explain how to use either of these products because I think everybody knows. However, I have never used a body lotion by The Body Shop, to be honest I didn't know they existed so I was super happy when I discovered this body lotion, in the sale aswell may I add. I thought they only made body butters which I LOVE, and I have tried the Blueberry Body Butter. I find the body lotion isn't as thick as the body butter, I don't know if that is a psychological thing because I know its a lotion not a butter, but never the less I can tell the difference.

I have mentioned the shower gel in a monthly favourites post in the past, and The Body Shop shower gel's seem to be the only shower gel's I use, I don't know when that happened but I now own 6 of them. For the price, these last insanely long and smell amazing (obviously). I could pretty much go on all day about why I love The Body Shop and the range of shower gel's but I won't because nobody is interested.

The aim of this post was to just get my word out there, that the blueberry range from The Body Shop is one of the best things I have ever come across, its a new favourite of mine (shortly followed by the early-harvest raspberry range). Be sure to check out the blueberry range here (on sale aswell).

What is your favourite range from The Body Shop?

Bye! Xo

Selena Gomez // Favourite Red Carpet Looks

I have done many street style posts about celebrities with amazing street style so I thought I would shake it up by doing a red carpet version. My first red carpet post is Selena Gomez and she is such a style icon, I have always looked up to Selena Gomez for fashion tips because I think she is always on point so enjoy my post on her red carpet looks!
Reem Acra
First dress at the premiere of Spring Breakers (such a great film by the way). I absolutely adore this Reem Acra dress she has chosen, it is so elegant and red is such a great colour on her, especially paired with the red lipstick. The love the V cut then the rest is filled in with lace (is that lace?), never the less, it looks absolutely breathtaking!
Dolce and Gabbana
Supporting Unicef, Selena looks dazzling in this Dolce and Gabbana piece. I adore the length and the sleeveless element to this dress, it works so well for her and shows off her amazing figure. Overall, this dress is absolute perfection for her because it works so well with her skin tone and hair colour.
One of my favourite looks she has ever worn to an event. I love how different it is, I feel neon is a rare sighting on celebrities when they attend events like this. This dress is exactly what I would associate with Selena and it really reminds me of her NEO collection she has with Adidas because of the bold colours and she is 110% somebody who can pull off bold, bright colours like this.
This is one of my ultimate favourite looks from Selena Gomez! Its so simple and she looks phenomenal in this dress. I love this dress, I first saw it because Cara Delevingne was modelling it (one of my favourite models of course) and I loved it, then I realised this is the same dress and I loved it abit more. It is so simplistic but so flattering on Selena, her hair looks amazing against the colour of the dress and it shows her figure off.
Lastly this dress, from the Billboard Music Award 2012, is another one of my favourites. I think this is quite a mature outfit choice for her, considering at the time she was 18 going on 19. The colour selection is simple, just black and red, and I think that makes this look alot better because you don't want too many colours all at once. I adore the cutout at the sides and one leg out, Angelina Jolie style. Overall, this look is absolutely beautiful.

Thats all! What is your favourite Selena Gomez look?

Bye! Xo

Review // Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Foundation & Concealer

Hello everybody! I feel like I haven't posted in forever when it honestly hasn't been that long. Anyway, today is a Rimmel post (surprise) and the stay matte collection is very popular judging by beauty bloggers on the web so I am joining the hype with my review on the products.

Lets start with the Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This product is so hyped, so I thought I would give it a try. I can't say its the best product I've ever used but as far as pressed powders go, it does the job. As my skin is quite oily, when I wear certain foundations my skin can look extremely oily and this powder really calms it down when that happens. It is not long lasting and doesn't not give full coverage which is kind of off putting for me, because I hate reapplying make-up throughout the day and sometimes my skin gets too shiny and I have to reapply the powder after I have already applied it. The coverage isn't a massive struggle for me because I don't wear it for the coverage, it has some coverage but not full coverage. Overall, I would use this product again because it works but I think you can maybe find a better pressed powder out there. However, this is quite cheap in comparison to the other pressed powders in the make-up market so you do get your moneys worth.

Moving on to the Stay Matte Foundation. This was one of the first ever foundations I used and when I used it I was just in love with it because I had virtually nothing to compare it to so I thought it was the best foundation going. I wasn't completely wrong when I came to this conclusion because it does give really good coverage and lasts quite a while but its not the best. Like I previously said, I have oily skin and I found this was too dry even for me. It gave me a powdery look and I thought I was applying it wrong and people on forums came out with 'you need to apply with your fingers' then others said 'you need to apply it with a brush' and I tried both methods and their was little difference (I found it looked better if you applied it with fingers). I wouldn't recommend this foundation to be completely honest, I am currently obsessed with the 'Wake Me Up' foundation by Rimmel.

Finally, Stay Matte Concealer. I have tried many concealers and I think this is one of my favourites. If you read one of previous posts, I think it was the haul one, I mentioned that my Stay Matter concealer actually snapped on me. This may have been my fault as I am very heavy handed even if I don't realize it so I'm not going to blame the product. This concealer promises not to clog pores which I found to be true and it has a green circle in the middle that helps blemishes and I didn't break out any more or any less when using this product, so its a win-win there. It is also really affordable but sadly it only comes in 4 shade, luckily I found a shade that is near enough my shade but for some people it may not be the case. If your skin tone fits this product, I would 110% recommend this concealer!

Do you guys like the Stay Matte products from Rimmel?

Bye! Xo

Monthly Favourites // May

Wow! I cannot believe its June, this year is going incredible fast and it is now time for another monthly favourites. This may be one of my shortest monthly favourites yet because I honestly haven't had alot of new favourites this month but never the less I think I have enough for a post, enjoy! :)

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation / LINK 
I have owned this foundation for a few months now and I haven't worn it a great deal except for the past couple of weeks. I am a huge lover of Rimmel as you probably know if you read my blog so it is no surprise that I am loving this foundation. It gives amazing coverage, its affordable and it really does wake your skin up, which I need right now as I haven't been getting alot of sleep.

The Body Shop Vinyard Peach Shower Gel / LINK
In previous favourites I have mentioned the blueberry and early-harvest raspberry shower gels from The Body Shop and this month I purchased 4 more shower gels from The Body Shop: blueberry, vineyard peach, mango and early-harvest raspberry as they were buy one get one half price. The mango and vineyard peach were first time purchases and I was so happy with the vineyard peach and is my new favourite shower gel from The Body Shop, hence why it is in my favourites.

Rimmel London Hide That Blemish Concealer / LINK
I mentioned this in my collective haul post (here) it is my favourite concealer I have ever used. I like to own two of everything, if you know what I mean, two foundations, two mascaras etc. This is because I don't like being left short of products I see as an essential, like concealer, but when it comes to this I don't feel like I need two because for the price I think it will last me for a hell of a long time and although it is quite powdery it really works for my over oily skin.

Kim Kardashian Signature Perfume / LINK
If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know I got this for Christmas as it was featured in this post and it is no secret I love the Kardashians! Although I have owned this perfume for a while now, I haven't used it alot because I own alot of perfumes and this month this fragrance has been my scent all month long. I really don't know how to describe perfumes, but this perfume is very unique.

Baby Lips Protecting Berry / LINK
I did a full post on baby lips (here) a few weeks ago and this lip balm still remains my favourite. In my baby lips post I do go in to full detail about the positive and negatives etc. I will keep it short, this lip balm smells amazing, moisturises and is really affordable!

Music: Fergie / LINK
I am sure you have all listened to Fergie before but this month I have been listening to her solo music on repeat. I love 'London Bridge' and 'Here I Come'.

TV Show: America's Next Top Model
I have been binge watching America's Next Top Model this month, I absolutely adore Tyra Banks and I have watched cycle 12, 13 & 16. It is so addictive!

That is all for this monthly favourites post! What have been your monthly favourites?

Bye! Xo

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