Monthly Favourites // April

April has been such an enjoyable month, and I have some favourites to share with you all! Okay, it may be abit repetitive as 3 of my favourites I have already done a post about (sorry). But I still have some other favourites for you all! :)

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser 'Nourishing Cocoa' / LINK
I am aware I have already done a full post on this so I am not going to go into massive detail (Find post here). In the post I mentioned the two I had purchased but the nourishing cocoa one is my favourite purely because it smells like cocoa, honestly I think the almond oil one is a better moisturiser! Highly recommended though, leaves you with lovely, soft skin that smells delicious.

CK One Summer Perfume / LINK
Another one I did a post one (here). This scent has basically been all I smell of this month, its a super summery fragrance and as the weather hasn't been the best here in England, I feel like I am almost wasting it because I should be saving it for summer but its too good!

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Hair Masque / LINK
My last post was about Elvive hair masques, check it here, so I am not going into massive detail again. This is just the best smelling hair masque I have ever come across and it does a wonderful job at making your hair thick and glossy.

The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel / LINK
Ahh finally one I haven't done a post one! In my last monthly favourite post I mentioned that I was loving the blueberry shower gel by The Body Shop and now I have moved on to the raspberry one. I am huge berry lover, I love every berry and own countless shower gels and body lotions that are berry scented and this one is my favourite this month.

Topshop Nail Polish in 'Daydream' / LINK
Wow! I first bought this nail polish back in October and it was mentioned in my very first blog post (here). Looking back that post is an absolute mess, the photos and everything *facepalm*. Anyway, this nail polish is long lasting and so bright, I get so many compliments when I wear it and the fact it lasts so long is an added bonus.

Music: Cody Simpson / LINK
As you can see from the pictures above, I attempted to get a photo of my iPod playing one of his songs, not the best photo but you get the gist. I love his music so much, its so summery and upbeat, some of the lyrics are a tad cheesey but I'll that slide because the tunes are so good. 

TV Show: Melissa and Joey
Melissa and Joey is such an addictive show TV Show, I cannot stop watching it. It is basically a comedy sitcom about a woman (Mel) who hires a nanny (Joe) to look after her sisters kids because her sister is in jail. It's actually really funny, highly recommended! 

Also I am selling some things on eBay here if you want to buy any, low prices. :)

So there are my monthly favourites! What are yours?

Bye! Xo

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