Met Ball 2014 // Best Dressed

 Sorry about not doing alot of posts recently, I have been revising so much. My exams start tomorrow for basically a month but I am going to try and do some posts. Anyway, the Met Ball happened a few days ago and everybody looked stunning (as always) so naturally I am doing a post about it. Lets get started!

 Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning, more stunning than usual anyway. In a custom made Gucci dress she was on point with the old hollywood glamour look which I absolutely adore! Long, low cut dress, side part and red lipstick. Does it get any better?
 This look from Rosie Huntington Whiteley is simply dazzling. I love how bad-ass this outfit looks for a met ball, the pattern is too die for and then shoes are heavenly. Her hair is probably my favourite because of the simplicity of it, I just cannot take my eyes off this outfit.
 I am so so happy the met ball had an appearance from both Kim and Kendall, as a huge Kardashian fan I was super happy. This dress is perfect for Kim's body, it really highlights her curves (something I am insanely jealous of) and that shade of blue is lush. The earrings are simply stunning aswell, the things I would do for this outfit.
Kendall Jenner, one of my favourite people on this whole entire planet, attended the met ball and looked simply perfect. Wearing Topshop, seeing this is a shop/online it would have been a straight no but once you actually see it on, its amazing. Especially considering Kendall is as thin as anything, the dress completely suits her.
Stella McCartney
Cara Delevingne wearing Stella McCartney (standing next to Stella McCartney as well) looked beautiful. Probably my favourite outfit of the whole met ball because its not too over the top and she doesn't look under dressed for such a big event. The colours are simple yet effective and the whole outfit just fits together perfectly.

So that is all for my met ball post, hope you enjoyed!

Bye! Xo

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