Kourtney Kardashian // Street Style

I am genuinely surprised it has taken me this long to do a post on Kourtney Kardashian and her style because out of the Kardashian sisters (not including Kendall & Kylie) I think she has the best style so I am excited for this post!
 This look is so high fashion and in my opinion, I think Kourtney looks better in lighter colours or pastel colours but never the less this look works really well.I love the white... dress? t-shirt? honestly I'm not 100% sure but it is really nice because it breaks up the whole black as the rest of the outfit is black. I actually am really in love with this outfit and of course the Kardashians must have the signature Celine bag.

 This is a really good example of how Kourtney looks really great in lighter colours. This outfit is so summery and chic which really works with her whole persona (based on what I know). The dominating white colour in this outfit really works because it makes her skin tone look even more beautiful! This outfit is perfection for Kourtney.

This outfit is stunning because if I saw all these clothing items separately I would never think of pairing them together (probably because my outfit choices are very basic and obvious unlike Kourtney's). Anyway, the skirt and the belt pairing is my favourite because the colours compliment each other really well in the middle of all the black. The shoes are to die for aswell.

This is probably my favourite Kourtney outfit, ever. I just can't fault this outfit, from head to toe it is perfection. The colours all fit together perfectly and there is a strong Spring/Summer vibe that every item of clothing portrays. The bug eye shades are my personal favourite because she is so petite as it is and with massive shades I think she looks freakin' adorable.
Finally, this look is such a New York City girl look, like something you would see in the background of Gossip Girl. Keeping the colour scheme simple with just black and white, combined with laid back hair and holding a coffee, its so cliche yet so effortlessly perfect.

That is all for my style post today! I will be posting my May favourites in the next few days. :)

Bye! Xo

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