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Long time. no street style post. Looking at celebrity street style is something I do far too often so doing blog posts on them gives me an excuse to look at even more street style. As a massive Kardashian fan, I thought it was about time I did a post about one of the three Kardashian sisters. Lately Khloe Kardashian has been on point with everything so naturally I chose to do a post on her. Enjoy! :)
 This is one of my favourites because it is so casual and the perfect spring outfit. I am not a massive lover of yellow at all to be honest but it really fits in with this outfit especially along side the Starbucks. For me, the best part of this outfit is the hat, I think it is the perfect addition and people just don't wear hats enough! Overall, this outfit is casually perfect.
I absolutely love the high fashion vibe to this. I love the two piece under the jacket it is perfect with them heels so without the jacket this outfit would've worked. However, the jacket was the perfect touch to this outfit, the colour is divine especially against Khloe's hair colour and the two piece. Honestly, I think I would find it hard to shop with a jacket over my shoulders but its worth it if you look as fabulous as this, right?
3rd look in a row, we have pointed white heels but lets face it they are always a winner. I am loving the combo of the white leather jacket and light blue skinny jeans, its a  match made in heaven. The lightness of all the clothes really work together, not 100% sure I would've gone with a black but it is certainly working for Khloe.
This is probably my favourite Khloe Kardashian look ever! As soon as I thought of doing this post, this look was what first sprung to mind, its perfect in ever single way. For a start, that hair is perfection with a red headband especially then the simplicity of the t-shirt and shorts paired with a shirt wrapped around the waist. The shoes completely fit on with this look, in my opinion, I think they add to the casual aspect of this outfit. Same goes for the bag.
Lastly, I think Khloe looks perfect here. Although this outfit is so simple, it has a massive effect. Black and red are always an amazing match, as demonstrated here. As the main colour in the outfit is black adding the red bag is the perfect fit. (Sorry this image doesn't show all of the shoes but they are stunning).

That is all the looks for today! Which look is your favourite?

Bye! Xo

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