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Hello! Sorry (again) for not posting for a week, revision is slowly taking over my life but I felt a post was needed because I was missing the blogging aspect of my life. So today's post is about Maybelline's  Baby Lips which are extremely well known. I only own two, one is the 'Pink Punch' one and the other is 'Protecting Berry'. Weirdly, I bought the pink punch in August and the protecting berry one about a week ago. As they are two different versions of Baby Lip's I thought it would be a good post to do.

To begin with, these smell amazing! Especially the protecting berry. I have hardly used the pink punch one because honestly I don't really like it. Don't get me wrong, I think it smells amazing and the packaging is really pretty but on my lips this shade was just no good and wasn't long lasting at all. The selling point of Baby Lips is that they moisturise and add a nice colour to your lips, with the pink punch I found both of these were untrue. The colour was not at all nice and it was hardly moisturising. You are probably wondering why I haven't thrown this away considering I got it on August, the reason is I forgot about it then when I remember I planned on doing a post about it and only know have I got round to it.

The protecting berry one smells phenomenal and unlike the pink punch it adds not colour, it just adds abit of shine to your lips and its main aim to protect: hence 'protecting berry'. I have used this 10x more than I ever used the pink punch even though I have only had it a week. I think that with this product they focused alot more on moisturising because my lips are so moisturising after using it and it lasts a while. I think this is slowly becoming my new favourite lip balm (sorry Carmex).

That is my view on them! Hope you all enjoyed. What Baby Lips do you guys like/dislike?

Buy Pink Punch HERE
Buy Protecting Berry HERE 

Bye! Xo

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