Kourtney Kardashian // Street Style

I am genuinely surprised it has taken me this long to do a post on Kourtney Kardashian and her style because out of the Kardashian sisters (not including Kendall & Kylie) I think she has the best style so I am excited for this post!
 This look is so high fashion and in my opinion, I think Kourtney looks better in lighter colours or pastel colours but never the less this look works really well.I love the white... dress? t-shirt? honestly I'm not 100% sure but it is really nice because it breaks up the whole black as the rest of the outfit is black. I actually am really in love with this outfit and of course the Kardashians must have the signature Celine bag.

 This is a really good example of how Kourtney looks really great in lighter colours. This outfit is so summery and chic which really works with her whole persona (based on what I know). The dominating white colour in this outfit really works because it makes her skin tone look even more beautiful! This outfit is perfection for Kourtney.

This outfit is stunning because if I saw all these clothing items separately I would never think of pairing them together (probably because my outfit choices are very basic and obvious unlike Kourtney's). Anyway, the skirt and the belt pairing is my favourite because the colours compliment each other really well in the middle of all the black. The shoes are to die for aswell.

This is probably my favourite Kourtney outfit, ever. I just can't fault this outfit, from head to toe it is perfection. The colours all fit together perfectly and there is a strong Spring/Summer vibe that every item of clothing portrays. The bug eye shades are my personal favourite because she is so petite as it is and with massive shades I think she looks freakin' adorable.
Finally, this look is such a New York City girl look, like something you would see in the background of Gossip Girl. Keeping the colour scheme simple with just black and white, combined with laid back hair and holding a coffee, its so cliche yet so effortlessly perfect.

That is all for my style post today! I will be posting my May favourites in the next few days. :)

Bye! Xo

Capturing The Sunset

The other night the sunset was really nice so I thought I would share some photos with you all as it has been quite a while since my last photography based post!

Collective Haul // Superdrug, eBay & Amazon

Hello again, its been so long after yet another week of exams :( However, I am now off and will be back to posting alot more frequent! I noticed my Kendall Jenner street style post has become my most popular post and I am so happy about that because that was probably one of my favourite posts to write along with all my other street style posts. If you have any suggestions for more street style posts comment below. :) Back to today's post, I am doing a haul of things I have bought over the past couple of weeks, I am definitely more of an online shopper than actually going the shops which is why alot of this is from eBay/Amazon because they have amazing products at low prices, enjoy!

Baby Lips Protecting Berry / LINK
My last post was all about Baby Lip's so just scroll down to see that or click here. I talk about this product in alot depth in that post but for the benefit of todays post I will keep it short. I bought this lip balm just at random, really because I was looking for a new lip balm and this is super moisturising and smells amazing!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral / LINK (currently better than half price!)
Batiste is always going to be my favourite dry shampoo, I finished the cherry one of these a few days ago and Superdrug currently have the Batiste dry shampoo's better than half price so that was an offer I could not ignore, so I picked up the floral one which I have never used before but the packaging dragged me in because its so girly and summery which I am totally feeling right now.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder / LINK
After noticing alot people in tutorials use powder after foundation I thought I would give this a try. I am a massive fan of the stay matte foundation so I thought I would love this, it is really affordable and has some good reviews. I have used it once over my foundation and I found my face looked abit too powdery but I think that was because the stay matte foundation is powdery anyway so I will save this powder for when I use other foundations.

Rimmel London Hide That Blemish Concealer / LINK
I previously used the stay matte concealer from Rimmel along with the foundation which was really good for me until the concealer stick literally snapped on me so I had to buy a new one. Since the previous one snapped on me I was not buying the same concealer and as I trust Rimmel London products (most of the time), I picked up one of their concealers and this is really good concealer especially if you have oily skin because it is not at all oily.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss 'Picnic In The Park' / LINK
As you know if you read my favourite youtubers post (here), Tanya Burr is one of my favourite youtubers and she recently launched a nails and lips collection, I am yet to try the nail polish but I am a huge fan of the lip gloss! I got it from eBay because it was £2 cheaper than on the high street. The lip gloss smells so nice and for the price it is so long lasting and not at all sticky.

Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Black / LINK
I haven't actually tried this yet and I never really wear eyeliner so I am really excited to work this because I am so safe with my make-up choices so I thought I would start with some more eye make-up and this is just plain black so it isn't too risky.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil / LINK
This is amazing! I have never used an eyebrow pencil and this is a first but I have been missing out. My eyebows look so much more defined and I think my make-up routine was just missing that certain something and I found that in this product. Its also so easy to apply and so affordable!

BeautyUK Eyeshadow Palette / LINK
As this is the first eyeshadow palette I have ever purchased, I thought I would start with a relatively cheap brand to see how my eyes looked. This palette was so affordable and the colours are so subtle and I haven't tried all the colours but the ones I have tried, I have loved.

L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-up Remover / LINK
I was in need of something that would remove my eye make-up because face wipes just weren't doing it and I woke up with mascara on my face far too many times. I literally just typed in 'eye make-up remover' on Amazon and this was the first one I found and it works so well! I will be using this alot more now that I have purchased alot more eye make-up.

That is all! I never realised there were so many products in this post. Hope you all enjoyed :)

Bye! Xo

Baby Lips // My View

Hello! Sorry (again) for not posting for a week, revision is slowly taking over my life but I felt a post was needed because I was missing the blogging aspect of my life. So today's post is about Maybelline's  Baby Lips which are extremely well known. I only own two, one is the 'Pink Punch' one and the other is 'Protecting Berry'. Weirdly, I bought the pink punch in August and the protecting berry one about a week ago. As they are two different versions of Baby Lip's I thought it would be a good post to do.

To begin with, these smell amazing! Especially the protecting berry. I have hardly used the pink punch one because honestly I don't really like it. Don't get me wrong, I think it smells amazing and the packaging is really pretty but on my lips this shade was just no good and wasn't long lasting at all. The selling point of Baby Lips is that they moisturise and add a nice colour to your lips, with the pink punch I found both of these were untrue. The colour was not at all nice and it was hardly moisturising. You are probably wondering why I haven't thrown this away considering I got it on August, the reason is I forgot about it then when I remember I planned on doing a post about it and only know have I got round to it.

The protecting berry one smells phenomenal and unlike the pink punch it adds not colour, it just adds abit of shine to your lips and its main aim to protect: hence 'protecting berry'. I have used this 10x more than I ever used the pink punch even though I have only had it a week. I think that with this product they focused alot more on moisturising because my lips are so moisturising after using it and it lasts a while. I think this is slowly becoming my new favourite lip balm (sorry Carmex).

That is my view on them! Hope you all enjoyed. What Baby Lips do you guys like/dislike?

Buy Pink Punch HERE
Buy Protecting Berry HERE 

Bye! Xo

Met Ball 2014 // Best Dressed

 Sorry about not doing alot of posts recently, I have been revising so much. My exams start tomorrow for basically a month but I am going to try and do some posts. Anyway, the Met Ball happened a few days ago and everybody looked stunning (as always) so naturally I am doing a post about it. Lets get started!

 Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning, more stunning than usual anyway. In a custom made Gucci dress she was on point with the old hollywood glamour look which I absolutely adore! Long, low cut dress, side part and red lipstick. Does it get any better?
 This look from Rosie Huntington Whiteley is simply dazzling. I love how bad-ass this outfit looks for a met ball, the pattern is too die for and then shoes are heavenly. Her hair is probably my favourite because of the simplicity of it, I just cannot take my eyes off this outfit.
 I am so so happy the met ball had an appearance from both Kim and Kendall, as a huge Kardashian fan I was super happy. This dress is perfect for Kim's body, it really highlights her curves (something I am insanely jealous of) and that shade of blue is lush. The earrings are simply stunning aswell, the things I would do for this outfit.
Kendall Jenner, one of my favourite people on this whole entire planet, attended the met ball and looked simply perfect. Wearing Topshop, seeing this is a shop/online it would have been a straight no but once you actually see it on, its amazing. Especially considering Kendall is as thin as anything, the dress completely suits her.
Stella McCartney
Cara Delevingne wearing Stella McCartney (standing next to Stella McCartney as well) looked beautiful. Probably my favourite outfit of the whole met ball because its not too over the top and she doesn't look under dressed for such a big event. The colours are simple yet effective and the whole outfit just fits together perfectly.

So that is all for my met ball post, hope you enjoyed!

Bye! Xo

Khloe Kardashian // Street Style

Long time. no street style post. Looking at celebrity street style is something I do far too often so doing blog posts on them gives me an excuse to look at even more street style. As a massive Kardashian fan, I thought it was about time I did a post about one of the three Kardashian sisters. Lately Khloe Kardashian has been on point with everything so naturally I chose to do a post on her. Enjoy! :)
 This is one of my favourites because it is so casual and the perfect spring outfit. I am not a massive lover of yellow at all to be honest but it really fits in with this outfit especially along side the Starbucks. For me, the best part of this outfit is the hat, I think it is the perfect addition and people just don't wear hats enough! Overall, this outfit is casually perfect.
I absolutely love the high fashion vibe to this. I love the two piece under the jacket it is perfect with them heels so without the jacket this outfit would've worked. However, the jacket was the perfect touch to this outfit, the colour is divine especially against Khloe's hair colour and the two piece. Honestly, I think I would find it hard to shop with a jacket over my shoulders but its worth it if you look as fabulous as this, right?
3rd look in a row, we have pointed white heels but lets face it they are always a winner. I am loving the combo of the white leather jacket and light blue skinny jeans, its a  match made in heaven. The lightness of all the clothes really work together, not 100% sure I would've gone with a black but it is certainly working for Khloe.
This is probably my favourite Khloe Kardashian look ever! As soon as I thought of doing this post, this look was what first sprung to mind, its perfect in ever single way. For a start, that hair is perfection with a red headband especially then the simplicity of the t-shirt and shorts paired with a shirt wrapped around the waist. The shoes completely fit on with this look, in my opinion, I think they add to the casual aspect of this outfit. Same goes for the bag.
Lastly, I think Khloe looks perfect here. Although this outfit is so simple, it has a massive effect. Black and red are always an amazing match, as demonstrated here. As the main colour in the outfit is black adding the red bag is the perfect fit. (Sorry this image doesn't show all of the shoes but they are stunning).

That is all the looks for today! Which look is your favourite?

Bye! Xo

Monthly Favourites // April

April has been such an enjoyable month, and I have some favourites to share with you all! Okay, it may be abit repetitive as 3 of my favourites I have already done a post about (sorry). But I still have some other favourites for you all! :)

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser 'Nourishing Cocoa' / LINK
I am aware I have already done a full post on this so I am not going to go into massive detail (Find post here). In the post I mentioned the two I had purchased but the nourishing cocoa one is my favourite purely because it smells like cocoa, honestly I think the almond oil one is a better moisturiser! Highly recommended though, leaves you with lovely, soft skin that smells delicious.

CK One Summer Perfume / LINK
Another one I did a post one (here). This scent has basically been all I smell of this month, its a super summery fragrance and as the weather hasn't been the best here in England, I feel like I am almost wasting it because I should be saving it for summer but its too good!

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Hair Masque / LINK
My last post was about Elvive hair masques, check it here, so I am not going into massive detail again. This is just the best smelling hair masque I have ever come across and it does a wonderful job at making your hair thick and glossy.

The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel / LINK
Ahh finally one I haven't done a post one! In my last monthly favourite post I mentioned that I was loving the blueberry shower gel by The Body Shop and now I have moved on to the raspberry one. I am huge berry lover, I love every berry and own countless shower gels and body lotions that are berry scented and this one is my favourite this month.

Topshop Nail Polish in 'Daydream' / LINK
Wow! I first bought this nail polish back in October and it was mentioned in my very first blog post (here). Looking back that post is an absolute mess, the photos and everything *facepalm*. Anyway, this nail polish is long lasting and so bright, I get so many compliments when I wear it and the fact it lasts so long is an added bonus.

Music: Cody Simpson / LINK
As you can see from the pictures above, I attempted to get a photo of my iPod playing one of his songs, not the best photo but you get the gist. I love his music so much, its so summery and upbeat, some of the lyrics are a tad cheesey but I'll that slide because the tunes are so good. 

TV Show: Melissa and Joey
Melissa and Joey is such an addictive show TV Show, I cannot stop watching it. It is basically a comedy sitcom about a woman (Mel) who hires a nanny (Joe) to look after her sisters kids because her sister is in jail. It's actually really funny, highly recommended! 

Also I am selling some things on eBay here if you want to buy any, low prices. :)

So there are my monthly favourites! What are yours?

Bye! Xo

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