Style Crush // KCA's 2014

The fashion at the Nickelodeon KCA's and TCA's is always amazing in my opinion, I have never actually watched the KCA's even when I was younger but I have always watched the TCA's and I probably always will even if I won't be a teenager. My post today is all about the KCA's fashion that aired a few days ago.
First up, Ariana Grande who would look flawless in anything, lets be honest. Although at the KCA's 2014 she looked phenomenal, she changed her hair style for the first time in ages and just had it down and it looks amazing. The dress and the shoes are so basic but look amazing. How can we not comment on the bag? If you look closely it has The Rugrats on and CatDog in honor of it being a Nickelodeon event!

Another actress from Victorious, which I used to love before it got cancelled. Victoria Justice is looking very summery in this strapless dress, it just screams summer to me which makes me insanely jealous because the weather in LA must be gorgeous right now! Anyway, her hair is looking flawless in a side part as opposed to her usual middle part and the shows and dress are a perfect pairing.
Nicola Peltz looked stunning in a white two piece, once again this really making me crave the summer. This outfit looks alot better because shes blonde, I think the light colour of her hair and dress fit perfectly together. What I am not loving is that she hasn't got a bag, I feel like she needs one.
Gigi Hadid was probably the best dressed, if you ask me. I am a huge fan of pairing blue and white and this outfit is a perfect example of why I love it. The shoes are absolute perfection with the white pants. The shade of blue on her top looks amazing with the shade of her hair, ahh I just love this outfit!

UPDATE: I am going to Barcelona on Saturday for 6 days so there will not be post for about a week, I was thinking of doing an outfit post everyday but not 100% sure if I will go through with that.

Bye! Xo

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