Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

Hello everybody! I want to apoligise for how slow my blog posts have been recently, I have just been putting so many things before blogging and I need to stop that. Anyway, I am going to be alot more frequent now with alot more blog posts. You may have noticed, I changed my template back to the one I previously had about 2 months ago and that was because I really wanted a simple template and I was searching and searching with absolutely no luck so I went back to what I had, hope you like it. I also changed some of my sidebar widgets and my header so its not 100% the same! On with the post..

So you may of heard of this in-shower body moisturiser, I have seen the advert for it about a million times and last week I picked up the almond oil one (its not very clear, the blue one is the almond oil one) and I had high hopes. To be completely honest, alot of the time I cannot be bothered with body lotion so I figured this is the perfect product for a lazy person like me.

I was not disappointed at all! This saves so much time, its such a quick way of moisturising. You basically do everything you normally would in the shower and then after you have cleansed your body you use this and rinse it off. Simple, right? I love this product so much!

Just yesterday, I purchased the cocoa butter one because cocoa butter is a divine smell and it is just as good as the almond oil one. Although, the almond oil one is for dry skin whereas the cocoa butter one is for normal - dry skin so if you are looking for the one with the best moisture go with the almond oil. I have heard it left some peoples skin quite slippery afterwards and I think that only applies if you have oily skin because they are designed for dry/combination skin, I think my skin is just normal and this gives me the perfect moisture, it is worth a try. Buy it here.

Have you used the in-shower body moisturiser?

Bye! Xo

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  1. I need to try this. I'm just paranoid that it'll all just wash off too quickly as soon as I apply it.


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