Favourite Youtubers

As much as you want to deny it, I know you have at least once gotten distracted on Youtube because thats what it does to you, you go on to watch one and end up spending an hour watching people do their make-up. I am a massive youtube addict so today I am doing a post of all my faves!

1. Meghanrosette | LINK
Meghanrosette a.k.a Meghan Rienks is a 20 year old youtuber who focuses around fashion, beauty & lifestyle, which in case you can't tell are my favourite things. I love all her get ready with me videos, tutorials and vlogs. She leads an amazing life and has such a positive outlook on life that just keeps you motivated for your day ahead. She has such a lovely personality aswell and also has a really amazing tumblr (here). Last but not least, she has hair that is to die for!

2. Tanya Burr | LINK
Naturally I feel like everybody knows Tanya especially in the blogging world because she has an awesome blog (here). If you don't know her, she is a sensational youtuber/vlogger who does make-up tutorials, outfits, Q&A's etc. I first found her because I was searching for celebrity inspired make-up looks and she a ton of them. Also, she has her own line of nail polishes & lip glosses which you can buy here on feelunique.

3. MissGlamorazzi | LINK
Another bubbly American youtuber, they are my faves sorry (not sorry). Missglamorazzi a.k.a Ingrid Nilsen was one of my first youtube addictions, I honestly think one day I sat there and for 2 hours straight did nothing but watch her videos. I discovered her about 2 years ago and haven't missed a video since, her videos cover absolutely everything you want to see from a beauty guru on youtuber. Her videos have such a girly vibe to them, I love it!

4. Livinlikelindsey | LINK
I am a self confessed stalker when it comes to vlogs, I have spent many hours watching peoples days and holidays. As weird as that sounds I don't think I'm the only one and livinlikelindsey is one of my favourites. Lindsey Hughes who runs livinlikelindsey has a main channel where she does make-up, hauls etc. but I discovered her through her vlogs and I love watching them all the time. 

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