Current Obsession // Calvin Klein One Summer

Aloha, I have been away from blogging for about a week and I honestly missed it, I went to Barcelona for 6 days and I was too tired to blog yesterday because I had just got home but I am now going to be very frequent with the blog posts.

Today is my second perfume post (check out my Taylor Swift perfume post here) and it is about Calvin Klein One Summer perfume that I recently purchased. I have never been an owner of a Calvin Klein product before so I was really excited to try something. Side note: I got this in Sephora and it is probably one of the most beautiful shops I have ever visited.

First off, the colours on the bottle are super summery and really fit the summer vibe the perfume is giving off. I personally am a fan of glamourous looking perfume bottles and this is quite a basic look for a perfume bottle if you ask me but like the phrase says: 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Initally I was torn between Calvin Klein One and Calvin Klein One Summer, obviously I went for the summer one but Calvin Klein One is a lovely scent aswell.

On to the scent, it has quite a vibrant, citrus vibe to it. Its extremely summery and that is waht won me over because I am just too excited for summer! The perfume shop describes it as:

'ck one summer opens with bright, colorful citrus notes of frozen lime, grapefruit and mouthwatering, juicy melon. A cooling cocktail of white freesia and fresh cypress is mixed with an exotic tequila accord for an energetic vibe at the heart. Hydrating coconut water, cedarwood and crushed sugar linger for a long-lasting dry down.'

I personally don't think I could have said it any better myself. Buy it here.

Bye! Xo

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