L'Oreal Elvive Hair Masque's | Triple Resist & Fibrology

Hello everybody, this is my first post on hair masques and something I love alot. Back in December I did a haul post and the triple resist hair masque was featured in it but apart from that there has been no or little mention of hair masques on my blog. If you don't use hair masques, don't worry I wouldn't go as far as to say they are an essential in your hair hair routine. Ultimately it is a personal preference and I totally love them.

For a start, they smell amazing. Like, AMAZING. Especially the fibrology, I know their main aim isn't to make your hair smell amazing but it always helps, right? Anyway, the triple resist is the first one I used and it lasted me a while, I only use a hair masque once a week anyway but it still lasted a fair while. It does what it promises, detangles and leaves you with lovely smooth hair. As its aim is to basically repair the damage you put your hair through, I think it does a pretty good job. Overall, I would highly recommend this if your hair isn't the healthiest because it will make a massive difference.

L'Oreal kind of hit the nail on the head when it came to advertising the fibrology line with Blake Lively advertising it you really can't go wrong, she has the perfect hair. As I previously mentioned, out of these two hair masques, this smells the nicest. This hair masque promises, thicker hair with volume and bounce, which is everything I want from my hair. I had high hopes for this product and I most definitely was not disappointed! I think this really does make you're hair thicker which is always a good thing. I usually use volumising shampoo and then this hair masque so I honestly can't tell you if its the hair masque or the shampoo that give me that extra volume and bounce but knowing L'Oreal it most likely does add volume.

I have still never been disappointed with a product from L'Oreal and I hope that day doesn't come! What are your favourite L'Oreal products?

Bye! Xo

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

Hello everybody! I want to apoligise for how slow my blog posts have been recently, I have just been putting so many things before blogging and I need to stop that. Anyway, I am going to be alot more frequent now with alot more blog posts. You may have noticed, I changed my template back to the one I previously had about 2 months ago and that was because I really wanted a simple template and I was searching and searching with absolutely no luck so I went back to what I had, hope you like it. I also changed some of my sidebar widgets and my header so its not 100% the same! On with the post..

So you may of heard of this in-shower body moisturiser, I have seen the advert for it about a million times and last week I picked up the almond oil one (its not very clear, the blue one is the almond oil one) and I had high hopes. To be completely honest, alot of the time I cannot be bothered with body lotion so I figured this is the perfect product for a lazy person like me.

I was not disappointed at all! This saves so much time, its such a quick way of moisturising. You basically do everything you normally would in the shower and then after you have cleansed your body you use this and rinse it off. Simple, right? I love this product so much!

Just yesterday, I purchased the cocoa butter one because cocoa butter is a divine smell and it is just as good as the almond oil one. Although, the almond oil one is for dry skin whereas the cocoa butter one is for normal - dry skin so if you are looking for the one with the best moisture go with the almond oil. I have heard it left some peoples skin quite slippery afterwards and I think that only applies if you have oily skin because they are designed for dry/combination skin, I think my skin is just normal and this gives me the perfect moisture, it is worth a try. Buy it here.

Have you used the in-shower body moisturiser?

Bye! Xo

Favourite Youtubers

As much as you want to deny it, I know you have at least once gotten distracted on Youtube because thats what it does to you, you go on to watch one and end up spending an hour watching people do their make-up. I am a massive youtube addict so today I am doing a post of all my faves!

1. Meghanrosette | LINK
Meghanrosette a.k.a Meghan Rienks is a 20 year old youtuber who focuses around fashion, beauty & lifestyle, which in case you can't tell are my favourite things. I love all her get ready with me videos, tutorials and vlogs. She leads an amazing life and has such a positive outlook on life that just keeps you motivated for your day ahead. She has such a lovely personality aswell and also has a really amazing tumblr (here). Last but not least, she has hair that is to die for!

2. Tanya Burr | LINK
Naturally I feel like everybody knows Tanya especially in the blogging world because she has an awesome blog (here). If you don't know her, she is a sensational youtuber/vlogger who does make-up tutorials, outfits, Q&A's etc. I first found her because I was searching for celebrity inspired make-up looks and she a ton of them. Also, she has her own line of nail polishes & lip glosses which you can buy here on feelunique.

3. MissGlamorazzi | LINK
Another bubbly American youtuber, they are my faves sorry (not sorry). Missglamorazzi a.k.a Ingrid Nilsen was one of my first youtube addictions, I honestly think one day I sat there and for 2 hours straight did nothing but watch her videos. I discovered her about 2 years ago and haven't missed a video since, her videos cover absolutely everything you want to see from a beauty guru on youtuber. Her videos have such a girly vibe to them, I love it!

4. Livinlikelindsey | LINK
I am a self confessed stalker when it comes to vlogs, I have spent many hours watching peoples days and holidays. As weird as that sounds I don't think I'm the only one and livinlikelindsey is one of my favourites. Lindsey Hughes who runs livinlikelindsey has a main channel where she does make-up, hauls etc. but I discovered her through her vlogs and I love watching them all the time. 

Barcelona Sunrise

As you may or may not know I came home from a short trip from Barcelona on Friday and one morning I woke up amazingly early (for me anyway) and caught the sunrise. I hardly ever catch the sunrise because I am not an early riser so I think I enjoyed it abit more because of that, I only took 4 pictures and I don't think they do it any justice.

Look For Less | Hanna Marin

Hello everybody, I am back with another look for less post (check out my Kylie Jenner one here). Todays focus is Hanna Marin, although she is a fictional character from Pretty Little Liars I think alot of people (including me) have a style crush on her. If you like these look for less posts comment below! :)

Jeans (£18.00) Top (£12.50) Blazer (£15) Bag (£23.99) Shoes (£37.95)

Blazer (£10.50) Top (£12) Belt (£2.99) Skirt (£39) Boots (£41)

Blazer (£12) Necklace (£5) Dress (£19.99) Belt (£11) Bag (£36.80)

Thats all for todays post! Which look is your favourite?

Bye! Xo

Current Obsession // Calvin Klein One Summer

Aloha, I have been away from blogging for about a week and I honestly missed it, I went to Barcelona for 6 days and I was too tired to blog yesterday because I had just got home but I am now going to be very frequent with the blog posts.

Today is my second perfume post (check out my Taylor Swift perfume post here) and it is about Calvin Klein One Summer perfume that I recently purchased. I have never been an owner of a Calvin Klein product before so I was really excited to try something. Side note: I got this in Sephora and it is probably one of the most beautiful shops I have ever visited.

First off, the colours on the bottle are super summery and really fit the summer vibe the perfume is giving off. I personally am a fan of glamourous looking perfume bottles and this is quite a basic look for a perfume bottle if you ask me but like the phrase says: 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Initally I was torn between Calvin Klein One and Calvin Klein One Summer, obviously I went for the summer one but Calvin Klein One is a lovely scent aswell.

On to the scent, it has quite a vibrant, citrus vibe to it. Its extremely summery and that is waht won me over because I am just too excited for summer! The perfume shop describes it as:

'ck one summer opens with bright, colorful citrus notes of frozen lime, grapefruit and mouthwatering, juicy melon. A cooling cocktail of white freesia and fresh cypress is mixed with an exotic tequila accord for an energetic vibe at the heart. Hydrating coconut water, cedarwood and crushed sugar linger for a long-lasting dry down.'

I personally don't think I could have said it any better myself. Buy it here.

Bye! Xo

Style Crush // KCA's 2014

The fashion at the Nickelodeon KCA's and TCA's is always amazing in my opinion, I have never actually watched the KCA's even when I was younger but I have always watched the TCA's and I probably always will even if I won't be a teenager. My post today is all about the KCA's fashion that aired a few days ago.
First up, Ariana Grande who would look flawless in anything, lets be honest. Although at the KCA's 2014 she looked phenomenal, she changed her hair style for the first time in ages and just had it down and it looks amazing. The dress and the shoes are so basic but look amazing. How can we not comment on the bag? If you look closely it has The Rugrats on and CatDog in honor of it being a Nickelodeon event!

Another actress from Victorious, which I used to love before it got cancelled. Victoria Justice is looking very summery in this strapless dress, it just screams summer to me which makes me insanely jealous because the weather in LA must be gorgeous right now! Anyway, her hair is looking flawless in a side part as opposed to her usual middle part and the shows and dress are a perfect pairing.
Nicola Peltz looked stunning in a white two piece, once again this really making me crave the summer. This outfit looks alot better because shes blonde, I think the light colour of her hair and dress fit perfectly together. What I am not loving is that she hasn't got a bag, I feel like she needs one.
Gigi Hadid was probably the best dressed, if you ask me. I am a huge fan of pairing blue and white and this outfit is a perfect example of why I love it. The shoes are absolute perfection with the white pants. The shade of blue on her top looks amazing with the shade of her hair, ahh I just love this outfit!

UPDATE: I am going to Barcelona on Saturday for 6 days so there will not be post for about a week, I was thinking of doing an outfit post everyday but not 100% sure if I will go through with that.

Bye! Xo

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