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Hello everybody, so today I am doing another tag post which is the shopaholic tag, I've watched a bunch of youtube videos on this and I thought I would do it aswell only in a blogpost. Hope you all enjoy and if you have any other tags you would like me to do just comment!

Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
Yes, I most definitely would. I do it so much, I pretty much shop everyday to be honest, I have a giant wishlist that I am constantly adding to because of online shopping and I read peoples blogs and the wishlist gets longer which means when I have the money it goes unbelievably fast because I have so much stuff I want!

What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?
I'm going to have to say Superdrug here. I pretty much always buy something when I go to Superdrug and 9 times out of 10 I won't need it. I am guaranteed to come out with a random bodyspray or some lipgloss, its bad habit to get into. The fact that Superdrug is very affordable does not help and they sell really nice snacks aswell so if I'm not buying any products I still end up walking out with a bottle of juice and a pack of pretzels.

Where do you find the best deals?
The Body Shop! I find amazing deals there especially at Christmas, I went crazy. When they reduce things they really reduce thing which makes it impossible to say no. They have offers like buy one get one half price which I have definitely fallen into before. The workers are so nice so I find that if they come up to me and say something like 'Oh did you know that they are 3 for 2?' I'm instantly like 'Okay, I'll buy more.' When in the first place I won't even need one, anybody relate? No? Just me? Ok..

What designer are you willing to spurge for?
Pretty much any bag. When it comes to clothes I kind of have a limit, I'll consider when buying clothes and think of when I'l wear them but with bags I completely ignore the price tag. I adore Radley bags and in the future I can see myself buying many, many bags.

Do you have a go-to shopping outfit?
If I know I will be spending the whole day walking around shops and carrying bags I tend to just got for a casual look. I think a skater dress is something I wear alot when I go shopping because they are soooo comfy and comfort is just a must especially when you are shopping. They are also easy to get on and off if you are trying clothes on in fitting rooms or whatever. 

What is your guilty pleasure? (not including make-up).
Definitely necklaces. I used to be obsessed with necklaces and wear them all the time, I would buy one every time I went shopping. I'm not as bad as I used to be but if I end up anywhere near the jewellery section, you will find it hard to get me away. Forever 21 is the worst for this because when Forever 21 first opened here, I went for the first time and left with about 4 necklaces.

What is one staple clothing piece you could not live without?
Dresses. Definitely dresses. They are perfection, I mean they are so simple and on days when I can't be bothered I just put on a nice dress and it looks like I've made such an effort.  I don't think I could live without dresses they are just my go-to thing. 

What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Wearing scarves in the summer. I'm not 100% sure if this is an actual 'trend' but people seem to do it alot in the summer and I love it. A vest top, denim shorts and some converse with a nice thin scarf is just the perfect summer outfit. Its so comfy and casual, I hope that never stops.

What trend do you love that passed way too quickly?
I think the whole hype around neon passed quite quickly. I feel like everybody was obsessing over neon for about a week and then bam it was over. I didn't own a huge amount of neon things but I did own a few and I feel like I never got alot of wear out of them.

Who is your fashion idol?
Kendall Jenner is the ultimate fashion idol for me. She has the perfect outfits and is so on point and on trend, its unreal. 

Bye! Xo

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