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I was reading in a magazine a few months ago that Jessica Alba had the 'best street style ever' and it had never really occurred to me that she is even known for street style. Anyway, I looked at some of her street style and she does have really good street style and as my street style posts are on my 'popular posts' I thought I would do another one because I love writing them and clearly people like reading them.
 Heels and jeans? Perfect match in my mind. This look is absolutely working. I love the casual top and jeans matched with a Louis Vuitton bag and heels to add a touch of glamour to the outfit. I think wearing heels and skinny jeans is perfection because they make you look thinner and they are the perfect contrast between casual and dressing your outfit up. This is a good example of it.
 I think this look is my favourite of them all because of the scarf. This outfit just seems so stylish. Again, jeans are a good choice paired with a tank top. The scarf though is just beautiful, the colour just pops out against the black tank top and the lack of colour in the rest of the outfit helps as well. I love love love the cowboy boots and the shades they are the perfect additions.

 I am not the biggest lover of flowery clothes at all to be honest. However, I think they really fit in with this look because of the colour of the flowers. The aqua blue is one or two shades lighter than the top and because the blazer is darker the top colour isn't as harsh on the eyes. The top and pants to fit, if the flowers on the pants were pink it wouldn't work if you ask me. The white shoes aswell fit right in and I love how shes styled quite light colours under a dark colour to lower the tone abit.
 Such a weird mix of choices here. The top to me seems summery and happy whereas the jeans and boots seem a bit grunge with the rip in and the dark colours so pairing them together is really strange to me. This look does fit together weirdly though, its just looks good and I can't seem to find a reason why. It shouldn't work but it does.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. I noticed I got alot of views on the Pretty Little Liars tag post, what other tags would you like me to do? :0

Bye! Xo

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