Pros and Cons of Having a Cat as a Pet

Hello everybody for those of you who don't know, I have 3 cats; 2 female and one male. I have always adored cats and when I was younger, for a small time, I actually thought I was a cat. Anyway today will be a post on the pros and cons of having a cat because I just thought I'd post something a little different on my blog today, enjoy!

-They are adorable. - This is pretty much a given fact even and definitely a pro. Sometimes I'll be in bed and my cat will come and lie right next to me (literally on my pillow) and start purring, it so nice. They are so fluffy and I find a cats purr really relaxing, probably because I've fallen asleep listening to a purr for years.

-They are easy to care for. - They are really easy animals to look after, granted they are not the easiest but still pretty easy. You pretty much have to feed them, stroke them and let them in and out the house when they want (unless you have an indoor cat of course). I am aware vet bills may be an issue for some people but in our house we've literally paid one vet bill between 4 cats, I guess we are lucky.

-They keep other cats out the garden. - Have any of you had an issue where a cat keeps doing their business in your garden? Our neighbors face this issue whereas because we have 3 cats to fight them off, we never face this issue.


-Many people are allergic. - I'm sure you have met someone in your life who is allergic to cats or just the cat fur anyway, I have met about 10 people who are. Some people may not like visiting your house/room because you have cats there.

-They shed. - A.k.a malting, my cats shed fur like there is no tomorrow, literally all year round aswell, its not just in certain seasons. My quilt cover end up covered in cat fur sometimes, I put a blanket down but when I'm not there my cats tend to sit as far away from the blanket as they can.

-They are users. - Cats can be affectionate for no reason at all but alot of the time they want something. For example, if a cat wants you to refill their bowl with biscuits they will roll over, nuzzle your leg and purr then once they get it they will simply just ignore you.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, its something different for you guys :)

Bye! Xo

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