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Hello, long time, no post. I wish I knew what I've been doing because I feel like the last few days have been so unproductive for me but that NEEDS to change. Anyway, so today is a fashion post from the Oscars, did you all watch it? It was amazing! The fashion, as always, was amazing. Side note: outfits on this post will be from the Oscars and the after party, enjoy. :)

Jennifer Lawrence the queen of Dior looked stunning at the Oscars. I am absolutely in love with this dress, the colour is really complimenting her hair colour, if that makes sense. I love how its not strapless because she really doesn't need straps with them boobs, am I right? The hair is amazing aswell, which means you can see the beautiful necklace, which by the way she is wearing backwards and its totally working.
I realise Kate Hudson was quite a random addition to this post but I saw her on the Harper's Bazaar website and I was in love. I love the V cut on this dress, its probably my favourite look for dresses more people should be really sport V cuts more often. Anyway, the colour is phenomenal especially with the blonde hair and the matching bag (I think anyway), its just to die for.
Lupita Nyong'o was definitely one of the highlights of this years Oscars. Although I haven't seen 12 Years A Slave (The film she won the Oscar for) I still loved her speech. The dress though was amazing, it was personally made for her and its really working. I loved her dress at tne Golden Globes aswell, she has just been on point with fashion. Another V cut aswell, love love love it! The colour is my personal favourite feature to this dress its so beautiful.
Saint Laurent
 Margot Robbie is so beautiful and she debuted her dark hair and gothic look at this years Oscars and I adore it. The dress is so simple yet perfect. The bow is the best in my opinion, I love bows but even if I didn't I don't think theres any denying that, that bow is working for her. The hair and make-up is also really really nice because its darker make-up and hair just like the dress.
Lastly, Taylor Swift. This is from the Vanity Fair after party but I wanted to include it. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and her fashion choices are usually amazing and this is no different. A long, black, sequined dress with her figure? You can't go wrong really. She looked amazing and I love her new short hair, shes beautiful.

Did you guys enjoy the Oscars?

Bye! Xo

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