Monthly Favourites | February

Happy March everyone, hope you all had an amazing February! Today is my February favourites post, I hope to do these every month because they are my favourite posts to read and write.

-VO5 'Plump It Up' Shampoo & Conditioner - I mentioned these in a haul post when I first got them. I have fallen in love with them since then. They are the ultimate shampoo & conditioner for my hair, I have had so much more volume in my hair, they also provide heat protection which is an essential for me as I straighten my hair all the time.

-Pure Coconut Leave-In Conditioner - Leave-in conditioner has never been something I've ever really used but oh my god I was missing out BIG TIME. I love love love this leave-in conditioner, it smells heavenly and my hair is so much softer after using it. I usually use it after I was my hair when its still damp then comb it through and I can most definitely tell the difference. I would highly recommend a leave-in conditioner, Aussie do a pretty nice one aswell.

-Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser - So I have previously mentioned on my blog how I love the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser but I found it was too thick for my skin, if that makes sense, so I have found a new cleanser and I am on the second bottle. I love this, I was just on the look for a new cleanser it was just an impulse buy really and I love love love it so much. You apply it with cotton wool so its doesn't need an water which I thought was really cool. I can honestly say, I have my minimal blackheads now.

-Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - As someone who reads a hell of alot of beauty blogs, this is actually the first foundation I've ever owned. I used to use BB cream, never foundation because I always thought they would be too oily but eventually I just wanted foundation because I needed better coverage, this foundation is actually really good. I have had less breakouts and my skin doesn't feel oily at all. I have no other foundation to compare it but my skin looks a hell of alot better with it on, which is the point, right?

-TV Show - I have been watching alot of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, did you guys see the proposal episode? So cute.

-Music - I have been listening to the Arctic Monkeys so much this month, I know I am abit late on the bandwagon with this but they are seriously so addicting.

What are your February favourites?

Bye! Xo

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