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Leave-in conditioners have always been something I've never seen the point in because you conditioner in the shower so why do you need to use one after the shower? But these leave-in conditioners proved me wrong. My mum bought me the Aussie 'Miracle Hair Insurance' and I bought the Pure Coconut 'Leave-in Conditioner' thinking it was just heat protecting spray (I was tired, forgive me). Anyway, they have both opened my eyes to how amazing leave-in conditioner actually is. They work really well for tangled hair, which is a MAJOR issue for me especially when I've just washed my hair. So today I am just going to a post of which of these leave-in conditioners I think is best for what reason because they super affordable and really effective.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance
First off, this smells amazing. Of course it would, its Aussie for crying out loud. Anyway, this is a leave-in conditioner that you can use on wet or dry hair and protects your hair, detangles it and leaves it smelling lush. All these are a selling point for it. It makes styling easier which I can definitely agree with because if you are doing a different hair style or straightening/curling it, this makes it easier. It made it a hell of alot easier to curl my hair with this because my hair is impossible to curl. It is a 'saviour for weak, distressed hair' which I can't agree with because I find my hair quite weak and this hasn't made many improvements. Overall though, its an amazing conditioner spray.
Pure Coconut Leave-In Conditioner
Again this smells amazing, not as amazing as Aussie but that's a hard competitor for scent. Like I previously said, I bought this thinking it was just a heat protect spray not a leave-in conditioner. I have no idea how somebody makes that mistake when the bottle clearly states 'leave-in conditioner'. Anyway, so that fact this is heat protect is a big bonus and the main reason I bought it. This also works as a detangler, and it really does work as a detangler its probably the best detangling solution I have found. You can only use this on damp hair which is disappointing because I prefer to use leave-in conditioner when my hair is dry. Overall, heavenly scent, beautiful results.

Make what you will on my reviews but my favourite of these two has to be the Aussie. I am a huge Aussie fan anyway and this is more suited to my hair and what I do.

Buy Aussie HERE
Buy Pure Coconut HERE

What leave-in conditioners do you guys use?

Bye! Xo

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