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Hello everybody, sorry again for not doing a post for a few days. I am doing a wishlist post today because Forever 21 is one of my favourite shops, I first went to one a couple of years ago and the closest to me was London I think so when one opened quite near me I was so happy and I have been countless times. Its such a lovely place for everything.
Night Moves Surplice Dress   - This is a super cute dress, that I think would look effortlessly perfect on a nice summers day. Its such a plain and simple dress which is definitely something my wardrobe is lacking for the S/S season.

Stars & Stripes Denim Shorts - Ahh I just love these shorts! When I saw these shorts I instantly wanted them and it was kind of one of them times where you don't know you want something until you see it, anybody else have moments like this?

Floral Amour PJ Set - Believe it or not I do not own any short sleeve pajamas so I am in need of some short sleeve pajamas as summer is slowly (oh so slowly) approaching and I am going on holiday in a few weeks and I will need some pajamas like these. They are so pretty.

Prep School Skater Skirt w/ Belt - A skater skirt is something I think is an essential for everybody, the are so casual yet they look like you have put alot of effort in. I have one quite similar to this from New Look but the bow on it, it can't hurt to have another skater skirt , right?

Marled Maven Cardigan - Again, something else I don't own. A cardigan, I have one cardigan that I literally never wear, I think that cardigans can be the perfect addition to a nice outfit and something I definitely need to make the effort to wear more of!

Bye! Xo

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