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Hello everyone, I was not planning on doing a blog post today but I hadn't done one for the whole weekend which is rare for me. Today is a fashion post focusing on street style and one of my favourites is Miranda Kerr. Her street style is absolute perfection just like her really.

Firstly, this is my absolute fave and the only one she isn't wearing sunglasses. I am a huge lover of denim jackets and this has been styled to absolute perfection. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite item from this outfit. The skirt and the bag go so well together, I'm seriously in love with this outfit. The boots are just lush and the shirt is the perfect addition to a perfect outfit. She looks so cute in this outfit, the red lipstick is definitely completing it with the deerskin bag.
I think out of the outfits I have picked for this post, this one is the most 'me'. Its so simple and casual, which I absolutely adore. The blazer is my favourite in this, it completes the look. If there was no blazer and just a striped top under the scarf, I don't think it would have the same effect. The black and white theme throughout the outfit is really working. This may be weird but is it just me or is that the perfect hair style for the outfit? Its so casual and effortless on everything: hair, clothes & make-up.
This just screams high fashion to me, which don't get me wrong is not a bad thing. The over the shoulders coat is a touch of magic, it makes this look. I am a huge fan of belts with dresses so to me this will always be a winner but the boots and the belt really come together among the dress. A black bag is the obvious choice for an outfit like this and choosing a handbag as the style for it, was the best choice in my opinion.
This is another one of my faves. The blue shirt and the blue jeans just work for me. It kind of gives me a beachy feel (I know you wouldn't normally wear jeans to the beach but still..). The beach waves in her hair and the blues give out a really great vibe. Adding black really worked but then again doesn't black always work? I think a brown bag would've worked really well but with a different shoe option. However black flats are never a bad choice, right?

This is probably the most wintery out of them all, still not massively wintery though. This just gave me a feel of New York ( I have no idea where this was taken) because of the graffiti in the back ground the big coat. I am not a huge fan of leather pants but never the less she still looks amazing. The bag for me is my favourite because if this was me I would've gone with a black bag being basic, but she hasn't and the colour really contrasts with the outfit which is always a good thing.

Do guys like Miranda's style? Who is your favourite street style inspiration?

Bye! Xo

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