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Hello everyone, I am very much an magazine addict that is where my URL came from. I honestly can't remember a month that has passed where I haven't bought a magazine. Anyway so today will just be me talking about my favourite magazines.

Teen Vogue - I hope I never get too old for this magazine because its honestly my favourite of them all. Its just the perfect line between fashion and celebrities, two of my favourite things may I add. One of my absolute favourite things about this magazine is the cover stars, every month it seems they have the perfect cover star. One thing that annoys me is how its an American magazine so you can get discounts for stores we don't even have over here and all the products mentioned are in dollars but apart form that its definitely my favourite magazine.

Cosmopolitan - Another magazine with perfect cover stars. The first time I ever bought this magazine was when they had the 3 Kardashian sisters on the front cover which I believe was December 2012 and I've bought it on and off since then because its just a really good read. I really mean that like it, I could read all cosmopolitan magazines forever, the stories in them and the interviews are always on point.

Marie Claire - I first bought this in October 2012 when Blake Lively was on the front and to be honest in that month I had pretty much bought ever other magazine there was so I thought I would try a new read for once and at the time I was slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl so I thought even if I didn't like the content I could still put the cover on my wall. I love the fashion in this the most, the layout is just super nice (without sounding weird).

Elle - I bought the first issue of this when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was on the cover in September 2012. I absolutely love Elle because its so thick and you can really just read it for ages and its addicting. I usually always have a magazine in my bag for lonely bus rides (that sounded way more depressing than I intended). Anyway, currently Elle is in my bag the February issue, I find Elle and Vogue quite similar but I think definitely prefer Elle.

Look - This is a weekly fashion magazine and is the magazine that began my fashion interest and magazine addiction and continues to be my favourite. I think I find found this in 2011 and I used to buy it on the way to school every Tuesday because it was quite cheap and I would read it when I got home. It just kind of became a routine then when I started reading more magazines, I stopped buying it as much and just got the others because I thought they were better. Then a few months I go I randomly just bought this again because I wanted a quick read and began to love it all over again and now I buy it almost every week!

Grazia - This is another weekly magazine and I don't buy it that often to be honest. I do absolutely adore it though, it has 10 top stories every week and that is basically what made me love it because it such a nice layout and every week they have a 'party people' section and a trending section of the magazine. I love it so much, its such a nice variety of content as well with high fashion, celebrity gossip and shocking real-life stories.

What are your favourite magazines?

Btw: I was thinking of doing another street style post as it got alot of views, would you guys like that?

Bye! Xo

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