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Hello everybody as you know the Brit Awards were on last night and its probably my favourite awards show as I am more of a music person than a film person. Anyway, I will be reviewing some of my favourite looks because my other posts like this have been fairly popular, enjoy :)
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was probably the best dressed in my opinion because some of the dresses were just so over the top and I love how she kept it so simple. I mean with her figure she pretty much looks good in anything but this dress was really working for her, the bow in the middle really showed off her slim figure, she just looked on point in every way.

To be completely honest I hate the colour yellow, but I think Rita looked absolutely amazing in this. I love how it showed off her cleavage, I mean if you've got one show it off, right? Her hair was the winner for me, its so casual paired with a high fashion dress, its just perfect.  The green gems at the side of her dress surprisingly worked really well because on paper that sounds really bad in my mind but it looked amazing. I hope Rita releases more music in the future, I used to listen to her so much.
So happy Pixie Lott is back in the music scene. She's so flawess and she was no different at the Brit Awards. Short at the front and long at the back dresses (do they have a name?) are my favourites, I  am so happy she showed off her legs because who wouldn't with them legs? Black and white always gives an elegant feel, for me anyway. Everything is just working and I absolute adore it.

Ahhh Tanya Burr! She's one of my favourite people ever, I am loving this outfit. I love the hair more than the dress because I am so used to seeing her with her hair down and having it up is such a nice look for her. The dress is beautiful but the shoes are to die for. So simple, but so amazing.

So that is it for this post. Did you guys enjoy the Brits?

Bye! Xo

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