Febraruary | In Pictures

I am genuinely surprised at how fast February has gone because I usually feel like it drags on and on, even though its the shortest month. Anyway, so I am here with the second 'in pictures' post, enjoy. :)

Did you all have a nice February? Will post my February favourites over the weekend!

Bye! Xo

Kylie Jenner | Looks For Less

Hey everyone! I go back to school tomorrow sadly so my blogging will become less frequent but today I am doing a 'look for less' post because most of the time we just can't afford what the celebrities are wearing. This post is all about Kylie Jenner's fashion because shes always on point with her fashion, am I right or am I right?

Sunglasses (£6) Vest Top (£4) Shorts (£19.99) Shirt (£17.99) Bag (£39.99) Boots (£22)

Pants (£40) Vest Top (£4) Bag (£15) Shoes (£16.95)

Sunglasses (£4.99) Top (£3.99 SALE!) Jeans (£18) Bag (£28) Shoes (£31.77)

So I hope you enjoyed these 3 looks, Kylie Jenner has amazing style! Which one do you guys like the most?

Bye! Xo

MAC Wishlist

Hello everybody! This is my first 'wishlist' post of mine but I've been reading alot of them and my wishlist is just getting longer and longer. I have recently become obsessed with looking at make-up products and I am not a massive make-up person either, I wear it from time to time but I've spent so much of my time lately looking at it. Anyway, one the main brands I adore right now is MAC and I want absolutely everything they sell so I thought I would make a post of the main things I want from their and maybe they could end up on your wishlist ;)MAC Wishlist

MAC Cosmetics foundation

MAC Cosmetics blush

MAC Cosmetics lip gloss

MAC Cosmetics lipstick

Brit Awards 2014 | Fashion

Hello everybody as you know the Brit Awards were on last night and its probably my favourite awards show as I am more of a music person than a film person. Anyway, I will be reviewing some of my favourite looks because my other posts like this have been fairly popular, enjoy :)
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was probably the best dressed in my opinion because some of the dresses were just so over the top and I love how she kept it so simple. I mean with her figure she pretty much looks good in anything but this dress was really working for her, the bow in the middle really showed off her slim figure, she just looked on point in every way.

To be completely honest I hate the colour yellow, but I think Rita looked absolutely amazing in this. I love how it showed off her cleavage, I mean if you've got one show it off, right? Her hair was the winner for me, its so casual paired with a high fashion dress, its just perfect.  The green gems at the side of her dress surprisingly worked really well because on paper that sounds really bad in my mind but it looked amazing. I hope Rita releases more music in the future, I used to listen to her so much.
So happy Pixie Lott is back in the music scene. She's so flawess and she was no different at the Brit Awards. Short at the front and long at the back dresses (do they have a name?) are my favourites, I  am so happy she showed off her legs because who wouldn't with them legs? Black and white always gives an elegant feel, for me anyway. Everything is just working and I absolute adore it.

Ahhh Tanya Burr! She's one of my favourite people ever, I am loving this outfit. I love the hair more than the dress because I am so used to seeing her with her hair down and having it up is such a nice look for her. The dress is beautiful but the shoes are to die for. So simple, but so amazing.

So that is it for this post. Did you guys enjoy the Brits?

Bye! Xo

My First Glossybox



I am so happy to have received my first ever Glossybox. I have read so many posts about them in the beauty blogging part of the internet and I just had to try one for myself. It came today and I was so happy because I had no idea what was in it! The box was abit battered so thats why theres no photo of it but I can't complain because all I cared about was what it contained. I am super happy with what was inside because I haven't tried any of these before so everyone will be new to me and they all look so fab.

Ciate Nail Polish - Shade 'Raspberry Collins' This is such a pretty shade and I've never used the brand Ciate before so this is perfect for me. The bow on the bottle is so adorable and I will definitely be using this nail polish in the next couple of days.

H2K Je t'adore Aromatics Shampoo & Sensual Hydrating Hair Conditioner - I used this when I had a shower earlier and it smelt really good and my hair looks really hydrated after it, I wish they were bigger!

Maybelline New York ColorSensational Stripper Nudes Lipstick - Shade 725 'Tantalizing Taupe'. This is probably my favourite as recently I have been looking for a lipstick to use and just as I was about to buy one, I get one. Don't get me wrong, I will probably end up buying a lipstick anyway because, why not you can never own too many lipsticks, right? Anyway, this shade is lovely and I own none like it.

Sleep In Rollers Backcombing Brush - To be honest, I've never owned a backcombing brush, I think I've had my hair backcombed twice and now that I have a brush I will be encouraged to do it more often.

They also threw in a little Lindt chocolate bar (one of my faves). Its safe to say I am sold on this whole glossybox thing and I can see my self purchasing another one for next month. Do you guys get the a glossybox?

Bye! Xo

Kendall Jenner | Street Style

In regards to Kendall Jenner advancing in her fashion career by walking in NYFW (congrats baby) I thought I would review some of her previous street styles because Kendall Jenner is my main fashion inspiration when it comes to buying to clothes, putting outfits together etc. Shes always on point and its never fully appreciated because shes always seen as 'Kim Kardashians Little Sister' but I hope after NYFW, LFW, being shot by Russell James and an appearance in W Magazine she can now be known as a 'high fashion model' (which is way better than being a reality star, if you ask me). Anyway, lets begin.

I am absolutely loving the casual element to this outfit. I love how nothing necessarily pops out at your first glance, its just nice and simple. Blue jeans are always a winner if you ask me especially with boots and I think this outfit has really shown it, the knee high suede boots and the blue jeans just fit perfectly. The simple colours of the bag and top are really nice together and I would absolutely kill for a Celine bag.
I love this picture so much because of how nice her hair looks (not that her hair doesn't always look amazing). Moving on to the outfit though, I love the colour of the jeans and the boots are too die for they make the outfit for me. I love how Kendall always wears heels even though shes already extremely tall. I love the blue and the black shirt they really compliment the jeans and once again her hair looks perfect.
I love this outfit Kendall wore for an appearance at Pacsun. I think what she is wearing is from the Kendall & Kylie Collection aswell. The acid wash skinny jeans really fit with  her crop top, I love the beachy waves in her hair and the tiger (is it a tiger?) on her top. It gives out such an edgy vibe especially with the jeans. The heels are a really nice touch aswell because they make her look even thinner leading to the jeans looking even better!
This look is very 'me', which is why I love it. I have worn an outift that looks exactly like this in the past, probably for half the price aswell. I love how effortlessly perfect this outfit is, its so simple but it just all fits together. The ponytail is really working because having her hair down just wouldn't have looked as good in my opinion. I love the denim jacket over black bottoms, its probably my favourite pairing. The heels are the best though because they are plain and simple, just like outfit.
Love, love, love this outfit. I think when you dress you should definitely dress to show your best features and this outfit perfectly highlights Kendalls best features for sure. The jeans are just the right fit for her slim figure and showing off abit of belly will never fail, especially with her body. A denim jacket again, is really working. The summer vibe it gives off aswell, is making me miss summer so much :(. The shoes however are not what I would've have chose but never the less they fit in with this outfit.
Lastly, I think this photo is about 2 years old, but what does it matter. Anyway, judging by the two bags I would take a guess that this is in an airport. This is just a really nice outfit, when I look at it I don't imagine Kendall putting a great amount of thought into the outfit because most people don't when they are going to be on a long flight but its still really nice, the boots and the scarf are my favourite features. The knee high boots are a match with the jacket. The scarf has such a nice pattern on again which I don't think I would love if it was different colours because black and white just has that effect.

Do you guys like Kendall Jenner's style?

Bye Xo

Magazine Obssesion

Hello everyone, I am very much an magazine addict that is where my URL came from. I honestly can't remember a month that has passed where I haven't bought a magazine. Anyway so today will just be me talking about my favourite magazines.

Teen Vogue - I hope I never get too old for this magazine because its honestly my favourite of them all. Its just the perfect line between fashion and celebrities, two of my favourite things may I add. One of my absolute favourite things about this magazine is the cover stars, every month it seems they have the perfect cover star. One thing that annoys me is how its an American magazine so you can get discounts for stores we don't even have over here and all the products mentioned are in dollars but apart form that its definitely my favourite magazine.

Cosmopolitan - Another magazine with perfect cover stars. The first time I ever bought this magazine was when they had the 3 Kardashian sisters on the front cover which I believe was December 2012 and I've bought it on and off since then because its just a really good read. I really mean that like it, I could read all cosmopolitan magazines forever, the stories in them and the interviews are always on point.

Marie Claire - I first bought this in October 2012 when Blake Lively was on the front and to be honest in that month I had pretty much bought ever other magazine there was so I thought I would try a new read for once and at the time I was slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl so I thought even if I didn't like the content I could still put the cover on my wall. I love the fashion in this the most, the layout is just super nice (without sounding weird).

Elle - I bought the first issue of this when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was on the cover in September 2012. I absolutely love Elle because its so thick and you can really just read it for ages and its addicting. I usually always have a magazine in my bag for lonely bus rides (that sounded way more depressing than I intended). Anyway, currently Elle is in my bag the February issue, I find Elle and Vogue quite similar but I think definitely prefer Elle.

Look - This is a weekly fashion magazine and is the magazine that began my fashion interest and magazine addiction and continues to be my favourite. I think I find found this in 2011 and I used to buy it on the way to school every Tuesday because it was quite cheap and I would read it when I got home. It just kind of became a routine then when I started reading more magazines, I stopped buying it as much and just got the others because I thought they were better. Then a few months I go I randomly just bought this again because I wanted a quick read and began to love it all over again and now I buy it almost every week!

Grazia - This is another weekly magazine and I don't buy it that often to be honest. I do absolutely adore it though, it has 10 top stories every week and that is basically what made me love it because it such a nice layout and every week they have a 'party people' section and a trending section of the magazine. I love it so much, its such a nice variety of content as well with high fashion, celebrity gossip and shocking real-life stories.

What are your favourite magazines?

Btw: I was thinking of doing another street style post as it got alot of views, would you guys like that?

Bye! Xo

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