Whats in my bag?

Hello lovelys, thank you all for the pageviews and I apoligise for the less frequent posts, I did explain in a previous post why. Anyway, today I doing a 'Whats in my bag?' post because I personally enjoy reading these and I thought it would be fun to make one! I apoligise for the quality of the photos although they are taken with the same camera as my others, I waited to take these in natural light but the sky was so dull you can hardly tell. I promise to increase the quality of my images because I know I can take better photos. On with the post...

 Water - I personally see this as an essential because I get thirsty very easily. I used to buy a new bottle of water every time I'd go out because I just hated refilling the same bottle over and over again but its alot easier to just keep using the same one. After all, you need to be hydrated, right?

Eos Lipbalm - I don't always take this lip balm with me, it changes alot. However recently my lips have not been enjoying this cold weather at all so this is kind of a lip lifesaver for me, works every time.

Baby Lips - To be totally honest, I barely use this. I kinda fell for the hype when they were first available in Boots (a drugstore) because before that I couldn't find anywhere that sold them near me. I'm not dissatisfied with this product at all, its just no really 'me'.

Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume - I own all 3 of the Taylor Swift perfumes and they are all so lovely (this may be biased as I love Taylor Swift). Anyway, this one is the smallest so that is purely the reason why I keep this one in my bag. Not to mention, it smells divine.

Hand Sanitizer - The amount of times I have used this is unreal. You seriously need hand sanitizer more than you know, there have been many times when I have needed this. 100% recommend you carry one of these.

Phone & Cards - My phone case has card slots which at first I thought was really...lame. However, they do come in use because I find myself carrying my phone more than putting it in my bag so when I am paying for things, I can easily get the cards out. FYI: The cards in my case are Costa Coffee, Subway & Starbucks.

Purse - Finally, my purse, of course! As everywhere I go, I pretty much always need money (sadly), my purse is from Forever 21 which I did mention in a previous post.

Thats it! I hope you enjoyed this, I enjoyed writing it as I feel like I've spent ages without writing a nice blog post even though its only been 3 days I think. What do you guys keep in your bag/purse?

Bye! Xo

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